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8mm quotes

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Daniel Longdale
Dino Velvet
Eddie Poole
George Higgins
Max California
Tom Welles

View Quote Dino Velvet: You trust me to take your money, but not your picture?
Tom Welles:: Those are two different kinds of trust.
View Quote Larry:: Are you a police officer or in any way affiliated with law enforcement?
Max California:: **** you Larry.
Larry:: Are you a police officer or in any way affiliated with law enforcement?
Tom Welles:: **** you Larry.
Max California:: Mmm, you're getting the moves.
View Quote Max California:: Can I interest you in a battery-operated vagina?
Tom Welles:: No thank you.
Max California:: Are you sure? I'd hate for you to be in one of those everyday situations that calls for a battery-operated vagina and not have one.
View Quote Max California:: Do you get turned on at places like tonight?
Tom Welles:: No, I do not.
Max California:: But you don't exactly get turned off either, do ya? (pause) Devil's changing you already.

View Quote Max California:: There's three rules in life: One, there's always a victim; two, don't be it.
Tom Welles:: And three?
Max California:: I forgot what three is.
View Quote Max California:: : [on the porn industry] All I'm saying is... it can get to you.
Tom Welles:: No worries. Thanks for the warning, though.
Max California:: You're welcome. Pops... If you dance with the devil, the devil don't change. The devil changes you.
Tom Welles:: Some of your lyrics?
Max California:: That's cute.
View Quote Tom Welles:: I'm gonna kill you, Eddie. I'm gonna kill you, and I'm gonna leave you here just like you left her.
Eddie Poole:: You're not gonna kill me. You don't have it in you. What are you gonna do? You gonna shoot me with you own gun, huh? Registered in your name? You really ****ing thought this through, didn't you, genius? You're gonna have to dig the bullets outta my head. That'll be nice, huh? Or you could dig a hole. Dig it with your own hands, and bury me in it next to your ****ing girlfriend. Go ahead. Pull the ****ing trigger. Well go ahead. What're you waiting for? Go ahead, do it! You ****! What do you want me to do, start crying like a little baby? "Oh, I'm so sorry I killed the little girl." Well, **** you, and **** her! Go ahead! Put me outta my ****ing misery! Pull the ****ing trigger! Pull the ****ing trigger! Do it! Do it!
View Quote Tom Welles:: Mrs. Mathews... remember when I asked you if you'd want to know the truth about what happened to Mary Anne, no matter what that meant?
Janet Mathews:: Well, yeah.
Tom Welles:: Some men took her, and they killed her and buried her in the woods.
Janet Mathews:: Oh my God! Oh my God!
Tom Welles:: I want to hurt them. I want to punish them for what they did. Please give me your permission to punish them!
View Quote Tom Welles:: What're you reading? [Max California shows book - "Anal Secretary"] Catchy title. What are you really reading? Hard to believe that book's got any parts worth highlighting. [Max California reveals real book - "In Cold Blood"] Capote!
Max California:: Yeah, well. You know how it is.
Tom Welles:: Yeah. Wouldn't want to embarrass yourself in front of your fellow perverts.
Max California:: That's right. I might get drummed out of the Pornographer's Union. Where would I be then?
View Quote Tom Welles:: Why would Christian want this? Why would he want a film of a... a little girl being butchered?
Daniel Longdale:: Because he *could*!
View Quote Tom Welles:: [on phone] Eddie?
Eddie Poole:: Yeah.
Tom Welles:: I know all about it.
Eddie Poole:: Yeah, you know about what?
Tom Welles:: About that girl. Six years ago. I know what you did to her.
Eddie Poole:: Who is this?
Tom Welles:: You murdered her. You and your friends.
Eddie Poole:: What the **** are you talkin' about?
Tom Welles:: You killed her on film. And now you're ****ed. You're all ****ed.
View Quote [after Tom Welles has asked for his "assistance"]
Max California:: I don't know exactly what you're looking for, but just for the record - I'm straight.
Tom Welles:: Congratulations.
View Quote [Tom hands Max an envelope]
Max California:: What is this?
Tom Welles:: Money. People use it to buy goods and services.
View Quote [after removing his mask for the first time] What were you expecting? A monster?
View Quote [dying from a gunshot wound to the neck] This is wrong, something's wrong. Oh, God, not like this. I'm supposed to have something more cinematic. Kill them, Machine... kill them all. [dies]