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8mm quotes

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Daniel Longdale
Dino Velvet
Eddie Poole
George Higgins
Max California
Tom Welles

View Quote [holding a picture of Welles' wife and daughter] What I could do with faces like these on film. On second thought, why would I need their faces?
View Quote [On selling porn] I don't buy it. I don't endorse it. I just point the way.
View Quote [watching a video of Machine torturing a woman] Oh, he's a lover, man... definitely loves what he does for a living.
View Quote Can you tell me if you had to make a choice... if you were forced to choose... between imagining her out ther somewhere living a good life... being happy... bu you don't know... you never find out... or the worst being true... her being gone... but you know... you finally know what's happened to her.
View Quote Dance with the devil and the devil don't change, the devil changes you.
View Quote Do you think people like the Christians hire us to invite us to their dinner parties? It's our job to clean up their royal messes.
View Quote He's a producer-slash-director-slash weirdo. He's like the Jim Jarmusch of S & M.
View Quote Hey! It's like a gas station, you pay before you pump!
View Quote Hey, Machine! Love your work!
View Quote I can hook you up, though. You name the vice I name the price.
View Quote I'll never get tired of hurting you, Eddie!
View Quote If someone never saw or sold a snuff film, they shouldn't give a damn what I ask about it, if they have they got a right to be nervous.
View Quote If there was no honor among perverts and pornographers, the whole ****ing business would fall apart.
View Quote So you got a wife and a daughter and a nice little yellow house and a dog named 'Shep'. What the hell are you doing here?
View Quote That's it. She's dead. She's been dead a long ****ing time and nobody gives a shit but you.