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Daniel Longdale quotes

View Quote Do you think people like the Christians hire us to invite us to their dinner parties? It's our job to clean up their royal messes.
View Quote Max California:: There's three rules in life: One, there's always a victim; two, don't be it.
Tom Welles:: And three?
Max California:: I forgot what three is.
View Quote Max California:: : [on the porn industry] All I'm saying is... it can get to you.
Tom Welles:: No worries. Thanks for the warning, though.
Max California:: You're welcome. Pops... If you dance with the devil, the devil don't change. The devil changes you.
Tom Welles:: Some of your lyrics?
Max California:: That's cute.
View Quote Max California:: Do you get turned on at places like tonight?
Tom Welles:: No, I do not.
Max California:: But you don't exactly get turned off either, do ya? (pause) Devil's changing you already.

View Quote [Tom hands Max an envelope]
Max California:: What is this?
Tom Welles:: Money. People use it to buy goods and services.
View Quote Dino Velvet: You trust me to take your money, but not your picture?
Tom Welles:: Those are two different kinds of trust.
View Quote Max California:: Can I interest you in a battery-operated vagina?
Tom Welles:: No thank you.
Max California:: Are you sure? I'd hate for you to be in one of those everyday situations that calls for a battery-operated vagina and not have one.
View Quote Tom Welles:: What're you reading? [Max California shows book - "Anal Secretary"] Catchy title. What are you really reading? Hard to believe that book's got any parts worth highlighting. [Max California reveals real book - "In Cold Blood"] Capote!
Max California:: Yeah, well. You know how it is.
Tom Welles:: Yeah. Wouldn't want to embarrass yourself in front of your fellow perverts.
Max California:: That's right. I might get drummed out of the Pornographer's Union. Where would I be then?
View Quote [after Tom Welles has asked for his "assistance"]
Max California:: I don't know exactly what you're looking for, but just for the record - I'm straight.
Tom Welles:: Congratulations.
View Quote Tom Welles:: Why would Christian want this? Why would he want a film of a... a little girl being butchered?
Daniel Longdale:: Because he *could*!
View Quote Tom Welles:: Mrs. Mathews... remember when I asked you if you'd want to know the truth about what happened to Mary Anne, no matter what that meant?
Janet Mathews:: Well, yeah.
Tom Welles:: Some men took her, and they killed her and buried her in the woods.
Janet Mathews:: Oh my God! Oh my God!
Tom Welles:: I want to hurt them. I want to punish them for what they did. Please give me your permission to punish them!
View Quote Tom Welles:: [on phone] Eddie?
Eddie Poole:: Yeah.
Tom Welles:: I know all about it.
Eddie Poole:: Yeah, you know about what?
Tom Welles:: About that girl. Six years ago. I know what you did to her.
Eddie Poole:: Who is this?
Tom Welles:: You murdered her. You and your friends.
Eddie Poole:: What the **** are you talkin' about?
Tom Welles:: You killed her on film. And now you're ****ed. You're all ****ed.
View Quote Tom Welles:: I'm gonna kill you, Eddie. I'm gonna kill you, and I'm gonna leave you here just like you left her.
Eddie Poole:: You're not gonna kill me. You don't have it in you. What are you gonna do? You gonna shoot me with you own gun, huh? Registered in your name? You really ****ing thought this through, didn't you, genius? You're gonna have to dig the bullets outta my head. That'll be nice, huh? Or you could dig a hole. Dig it with your own hands, and bury me in it next to your ****ing girlfriend. Go ahead. Pull the ****ing trigger. Well go ahead. What're you waiting for? Go ahead, do it! You ****! What do you want me to do, start crying like a little baby? "Oh, I'm so sorry I killed the little girl." Well, **** you, and **** her! Go ahead! Put me outta my ****ing misery! Pull the ****ing trigger! Pull the ****ing trigger! Do it! Do it!
View Quote Larry:: Are you a police officer or in any way affiliated with law enforcement?
Max California:: **** you Larry.
Larry:: Are you a police officer or in any way affiliated with law enforcement?
Tom Welles:: **** you Larry.
Max California:: Mmm, you're getting the moves.
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