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"I guess tonight the lone wolf hunts... alone."

"I have created a beautiful machine that is going to encourage our fellow citizens to share my vision of the future! Can you dig it?"

"I just wanted to say that I had a really great time tonight, and you were really nice to me, and I would love to, uh, take you out some time. But if I don't call you I just want you to know that it's because I'm dead."

"I must have ripped the Q section out of my dictionary, 'cause I don't know the meaning of the word 'quit'!"

"I will keep dreaming! I will keep dreaming, my friend! And when I wake up you better hope, you better hope you're... asleep!"

"I'm the guy that gave your daddy the shaft!" ~ Tony P (to the Bowler)

"If you want to know what my power is, pull my finger."

"In my opinion, which used to matter around here, we shouldn't be flinging new memberships at every guy who puts together a pair of matching gloves and boots."

"It all started when I was just thirteen years of age. One day while walking with some friends I accidentally cut the cheese. Well, in my adolescent awkwardness, I blamed it on an old gypsy woman who happened to be passing by. Big mistake! The gypsy woman placed a curse upon my head. Because I had smelt it, she decreed that I would forevermore be... he who dealt it!"

"It is so easy to get the better of people when they care about each other — which is why evil will always have the edge.

"It's a psycho-frakulator! It creates a-a cloud of radically fluctuating deviant chaotrons, which penetrate the synaptic relays. It's concantenated with a-a synchronous transport switch that creates a virtual tributary! It's focused onto a biobolic reflector and what happens is, is that hallucinations become reality... and the brain is literally fried from within."

"It's cool, isn't it? It goes right up to the point of being, like, confusing."


"Jeffrey, are you on the marijuana?" ~ Blue Raja's mother

"Kill ya later — super-losers!" ~ Tony P