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Mr. Cheezle

Ya it was my roomates.....they're crazy....they tied me up. They were having their way with me and right when i was about to call the police....i came....and that was nice

Dude, your bed's a car.

Nice karma, Guy-Blow.

Yes it sucks we dont have alcohol, but we do serve shots <pause> of wheat grass.

[robot voice] Please sit on my face.

So I looked up in my tree, and there was the ****in king of the jungle. So I called the five-O!

Whats up Douche Bigelow?

That's great Bobby, but we don't have Dance Dance Revolution, so you're - dumb.

Let's ****ing rage!

Wassup, Silver Fox?

Space shuttle.

Hey Samantha, don't take the red pill!

Lets make fun of the vegans and their crazy won't hurt anybody. Go eat a hamburger, and choke on a cow dick!

Do you need a stuffed animal? I have a dog. I think I have a bear. Yeah, I have a bear.

You can't get stoned and be an accountant, you make too many mistakes, lose people millions.