J.P. quotes

[robot voice] AdiĆ³s turd-nuggets.

Oh, yeah... Careful is my middle name, heh - Actually, it's not, it's Philip. [sobs]

How can he see me?

But, underneath this genius...I'm simply a human. You know. But I'm working on that.

Does it scare you Kain?

It's the future of gaming.

You would if you had robot ears.

I hate your face!

[robot voice] I am not amused.

[robot voice] Please sit on my face.

[robot voice] I want you to drink from my man faucet.

[robot voice] Must ingest more fuel.

[when Alex asks him how his game is going that he is developing] People will bow to it.

[robot voice in dismay] Alex is ****ing Samantha!

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