The 40 Year-Old Virgin

The 40 Year-Old Virgin quotes

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Hey, enjoy that orange.

Hey, Will and Grace! Back to work!

I hired a 90-Ib girl to work in the stock room at Smart Tech for you, okay? I should've hired a 300-Ib guy to lift the 60-inch flat screen, but instead I hired a hot girl who can't lift an iPod to bring you out of your funk. Do you realize that the 300 pound guy would kick my ass if he knew why he wasn't hired?

I hope you have a big trunk, 'cause I'm putting my bike in it.

I just want to get drunk, *****ed up*, and play some cards!

I may not have had sex but I'll **** you up!...Y-yeah!

I will pray for your ****.

I'll tell you who's the hottest. Now you're gonna think I'm crazy when I tell you this; Gina. I can't get Gina outta' my head. I'm gonna be thinking of Gina all week.

I've borked a lot of women in my day.

If I have to hear "Yah Mo B There" one more time, I'm gonna "Yah Mo" burn this place to the ground.

Is it true that if you don't use it, you lose it?

Is this that movie about babies that are geniuses?

It's a free country, Bambi. I can smoke out here if I want to.

It's not about the shit stained balls, and the dirty sanchez!

Look, I dated this girl, and it was the best four months of my life. Then she went down on this guy, in an Escalade, I think.