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Without a Paddle

Without a Paddle quotes

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Dan Mott
Del Knox
Jerry Conlaine
Tom Marshall

View Quote Dennis and Elwood: [singing] Yes we really want to hurt you. Yes we really want to make you cry. Yes we really want to shoot you. Yes we really want to make you die.
View Quote Dennis: [hearing "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" being sung] The hills have gone gay.
View Quote Elwood: [After cutting off a fish's head with a hatchet] How you like me now? Huh? How you like me now, fishy? Oh, yeah, that's right you can't talk, cause you don't have a head and I cut it off!
View Quote River Guide: [While talking to Jerry, Dan and Tom about renting the canoe] There's a transmitter in the canoe. So just in case you three go missing, at least we'll get our boat back.
View Quote Dan Mott: [after Tom had offered to distract Dennis and Elwood instead of Jerry] Give 'em hell, Tommy
Tom Marshall: [about to rappel down the tree] This hell-mart's open for business, and I'm slashing prices.
View Quote Dan Mott: [imitating C-3PO] We are in serious trouble my friends. All data points to us being--how do you humans say it?-- completely screwed?
Dan Mott: Yeah. You know, that is, that's a good way to say it. That pretty much sums it up.
Dan Mott: [imitating C-3PO] As expected, Tom is drunk.
View Quote Dan Mott: Hey guys look! A wild deer! All out in the open like that!
[Deer looks back at Dan and growls]
View Quote Dan Mott: I'm out.
Jerry Conlaine: What does that mean?
Tom Marshall: I think it means he's out. Like coming out, like he's finally admitting he's gay.
View Quote Dan Mott: Jerry, didn't you see that the river split on the map?
Jerry Conlaine: I would have if your friend the big-ass bear hadn't eaten it!
View Quote Dan Mott: Mmm, bacon.
Del Knox: Squirrel.
Dan Mott: Mmm, squirrel.
View Quote Dan Mott: This trip is officially over! This is finished! Let's just go home.
Tom Marshall: I agree. That is a great idea. All we've got to do is jump up over that 100-foot waterfall, swim upstream 20 miles, get the sheriff on the phone. He liked us, I remember. And he'll send out a rescue boat. And--hey, there's a beer in the river. Cool.
View Quote Dan Mott: What does the map say, Jerry?
Jerry Conlaine: [After realizing the map is torn] Oh, you know, it's a map.
View Quote Dan Mott: Where are we?
Jerry Conlaine: Corner of Bum-**** and You Got a Purty Mouth.
View Quote Dan Mott: You guys are spraying me.
Tom Marshall: Give me a break. I'm writing your name.
Dan Mott: Stop it!
View Quote Del Knox: Come with me, or I'll shoot your testicles off and stuff 'em and mount 'em on my mantle-piece.
Tom Marshall: That's gonna be an ugly mantle-piece.