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Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit quotes

48 total quotes

Hutch the Rabbit
Lady Campanula Tottington
Lord Victor Quartermaine
Mr Growbag
PC Makintosh
Reverend Clement Hedges

View Quote Lady Tottington: [over the phone] I have the most terrible rabbit problem.
Wallace: Certainly, M'um, we'll be there in an-- [hits the control panel and gets dragged up through the ceiling.] Ahhhh!
Lady Tottington: In an hour?! I can't wait an hour! I have a major infestation!
View Quote PC McIntosh: [Surveying the damage left by the Were-Rabbit] If you ask me, this was arson.
Townspeople: [gasp]
Man 1: Arson?
PC McIntosh: Yeah. Someone arsin' around!
View Quote Reverend Clement Hedges: Hello? Is anyone there?
[The Were-Rabbit lets out an enormous belch.]
Rev. Hedges: Mrs. Mulch?
View Quote Reverend Clement Hedges: The beast lurks within all of us, my child. [thunderclap] The side of us that emerges at night, when the full moon rises into the sky! The side that savagely rips the leaves off any innocent cabbage...!
Victor: Spare me the sermon, Vicar! Just tell me how I kill him! Er, I mean 'it'.
Reverend Clement Hedges: To kill such a creature would require nerves of steel, and...[pause]... a bullet. [thunderclap]
Victor: A bullet? [thunderclap]
Reverend Clement Hedges: A bullet! [thunderclap]
Victor: A bull-? [LOUD THUNDERCLAP!] Oooh! [closes window to blot out noise] What KIND of bullet?
Reverend Clement Hedges: A bullet... of pure... gold!
Victor: Gold.
Reverend Clement Hedges: Yes... 24 'carrot'!
Victor: Oh. Get out of my way you old fool.
Reverend Clement Hedges: Beware. Beware the beast within!
View Quote Reverend Clement Hedges: [At the fair] Ah, Mr. Growbag. I have a hunch this is a night to remember.
Mr Growbag: [Looks at his back] I just have a hunch.
View Quote Victor (at the fair): Constable?
PC McIntosh (into megaphone): Everyone have a great time.
Victor: The beast isn't actually dead yet...
PC McIntosh (into megaphone): The beast isn't actually dead yet?!
(everything stops)
PC McIntosh (into megaphone): Oops.
View Quote Victor: [To Wallace] I know your little secret, Pesto. I know exactly what's going on.
Wallace: Your Lordship?
Victor: Oh, yes. You think you can pilfer my filly, don't you? You think you can con an innocent woman out of her fortune.
Wallace: Who, me?
Victor: Well I got here first! I've spent a lot of time reeling in that fluffy-headed bunny-lover, and I'm not about to let some puddle-headed peasant poach her from me! Comprenez?
View Quote Wallace: [sobbing] Oh, Gromit! I don't wanna be a giant rabbit!
Hutch the Rabbit: Aww, the bounce is gone from his bungee.
View Quote [Quartermaine's hairpiece has been sucked up into the Bun-Vac 6000.]
Lord Victor Quartermaine: I want... [lowers voice] toupe?, please.
Wallace: Oh, yes, of course. We take cheques or cash.
Victor: TOUPEƉ, you idiot! My hair is in in your machine!
Wallace: Oh, no, it's only rabbits in there. The hare, I think you'll find, is a much larger mammal.
View Quote (holding up a pair of cu****bers like a cross) Merrrrcyyyyyyyyy!
View Quote Aaaw, the bounce has gone from his bungee.
View Quote And for our sins, a hideous creature has been sent to punish us all! Repent! Repent! Lest you, too, taste the wrath of... the Were-Rabbit!
View Quote Beware the moon!
View Quote Cheeeeeeeeeese!
View Quote Cheese, Gromit!