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Underdog quotes

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Jack Unger
Multiple Characters
Simon Barsinister

View Quote Dan: You gave my baseball sweater away to a superhero?!
View Quote Riff Raff: Aah, ahh, I'm naked!
View Quote Simon Barsinister: The serum.
Cad: Doc, he's going through the door!
(Simon Barsinister closes the door but Shoeshine escapes)
Simon Barsinister: It works.
Riff Raff: Hey, runt, you lost? The name's Riff Raff.
Little Brown Dog: He's Riff Raff.
Riff Raff: I mark this territory.
Little Brown Dog: Yeah, he marked it.
Shoeshine: Look, I don't want any trouble.
Riff Raff: Well, today's your lucky day, mutt. I'd rip you pieces but I don't want to get my paws dirty.
Bulldog: Yeah, you're not worth his time, fleabag.
Little Brown Dog: (laughing) Fleabag! Yes.
Riff Raff: Get him!
Shoeshine: Oh my gosh, they're made of dog! Are you people crazy?!
Jack: Shoeshine, come here. It's not real dog.
Shoeshine: What is it then?
Jack: It's animal parts. You know, noses, hooves, intestines.
Shoeshine: In that case, I'll take two.
Cad: Do you think this thing will create us another superdog?
Simon Barsnister: Why make one when I could create a plethora?
Cad: That's a "P" word. I have it.
Simon Barsinister: Just pick it up, you ape.
Riff Raff: Hey, Speed Bump, you survived. Let me guess: you went to satellite instead of cable. (laughs)
Sweet Polly PureBred: Put a muzzle on it.
Riff Raff: What's the matter, runt? You let your girlfirend do the talking for you? Maybe you can't hear me. (barks at Shoeshine; to Sweet Polly PureBred) If you ever want to be with a real dog, give me a sniff.
Simon Barsinister: You slack-jawed, mouth-breathing imbecile! I should have put strychnine in your chocolate milk months ago. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't dispose of you right now!
Cad: I found this.
(Cad shows Underdog's collar)
Shoeshine: Look, do anything to me. Just let them go.
Simon Barsinister: Wise decision.
Molly: You and your boss will never get away with this.
Cad: He's not my boss! We're partners!
Molly: Then why are you doing this?
Cad: Because my partner said that he might fire me if I don't!
Shoeshine: Can't we just work this out dog-to-dog?
Simon Barsinister: They're not going to listen to you, Shoeshine. They're loyal to me.
Riff Raff: Look who is is, it's Speed Bump.
Little Brown Dog: You again?
Riff Raff: Hey, runt, are you still hard of hearing?
Little Brown Dog: Hello?
Riff Raff: I told you to stay away.
Shoeshine: Listen, I'm in a hurry! Don't mess with me!
Riff Raff: He's just look like all the little dogs. All bark, no bite.
Shoeshine: I do not bite, yes that is true. But see what my bark will do to you.
Riff Raff: Huh?
Little Brown Dog: That's just bad rapping, dog.
(Shoeshine barks at Riff Raff and his fur is blown away)
Little Brown Dog: Ooh, I didn't need to see that.
Bulldog: Boss, you're so pink. It's very becoming.
Riff Raff: Aaa, ahh! I'm naked! I'm naked!
View Quote Cad's hit. Cad's hit.
View Quote Don't worry, it will only hurt a lot.
View Quote Excuse me, why do you people have pantyhose on your heads?
View Quote I'll be the silent partner.
View Quote I'll play your game but it'll be a stretch. Can you resist this? Simon says: Fetch.
View Quote It should be me on the front page, not that stupid mutt. I need a sample of his DNA. How do you look in a dress?
View Quote It's okay. You all make mistakes. But I forgive you.That's the kind of person I am...humble.
View Quote Ladies and gentlemen, this is Simon Barsinister, the wickedest man in the world. He was evil and crazy. Simon and his wacky henchmen, Cad, schemed to rule the universe. But each time, they were foiled by me, the greatest superhero who ever lived... Underdog!
View Quote Shoeshine, I don't if you can understand me right now, But forget about the past. It doesn't matter if you're Shoeshine or Underdog. Because i don't care if you can talk or fly, You brought my family back together. You're a hero to me.
View Quote Shoeshine, isn't it? Or shall I address you by your nom de guerre, Underdog.
View Quote Simon says: Surround the sad ex-cop. Simon says: Convince.
View Quote Turns out, Barsinister didn't want me. He wanted my DNA. He took away my superpowers and put them in a little blue pill but that wasn't the worst of it.