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Dialogues quotes

View Quote Simon Barsinister: The serum.
Cad: Doc, he's going through the door!
(Simon Barsinister closes the door but Shoeshine escapes)
Simon Barsinister: It works.
Riff Raff: Hey, runt, you lost? The name's Riff Raff.
Little Brown Dog: He's Riff Raff.
Riff Raff: I mark this territory.
Little Brown Dog: Yeah, he marked it.
Shoeshine: Look, I don't want any trouble.
Riff Raff: Well, today's your lucky day, mutt. I'd rip you pieces but I don't want to get my paws dirty.
Bulldog: Yeah, you're not worth his time, fleabag.
Little Brown Dog: (laughing) Fleabag! Yes.
Riff Raff: Get him!
Shoeshine: Oh my gosh, they're made of dog! Are you people crazy?!
Jack: Shoeshine, come here. It's not real dog.
Shoeshine: What is it then?
Jack: It's animal parts. You know, noses, hooves, intestines.
Shoeshine: In that case, I'll take two.
Cad: Do you think this thing will create us another superdog?
Simon Barsnister: Why make one when I could create a plethora?
Cad: That's a "P" word. I have it.
Simon Barsinister: Just pick it up, you ape.
Riff Raff: Hey, Speed Bump, you survived. Let me guess: you went to satellite instead of cable. (laughs)
Sweet Polly PureBred: Put a muzzle on it.
Riff Raff: What's the matter, runt? You let your girlfirend do the talking for you? Maybe you can't hear me. (barks at Shoeshine; to Sweet Polly PureBred) If you ever want to be with a real dog, give me a sniff.
Simon Barsinister: You slack-jawed, mouth-breathing imbecile! I should have put strychnine in your chocolate milk months ago. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't dispose of you right now!
Cad: I found this.
(Cad shows Underdog's collar)
Shoeshine: Look, do anything to me. Just let them go.
Simon Barsinister: Wise decision.
Molly: You and your boss will never get away with this.
Cad: He's not my boss! We're partners!
Molly: Then why are you doing this?
Cad: Because my partner said that he might fire me if I don't!
Shoeshine: Can't we just work this out dog-to-dog?
Simon Barsinister: They're not going to listen to you, Shoeshine. They're loyal to me.
Riff Raff: Look who is is, it's Speed Bump.
Little Brown Dog: You again?
Riff Raff: Hey, runt, are you still hard of hearing?
Little Brown Dog: Hello?
Riff Raff: I told you to stay away.
Shoeshine: Listen, I'm in a hurry! Don't mess with me!
Riff Raff: He's just look like all the little dogs. All bark, no bite.
Shoeshine: I do not bite, yes that is true. But see what my bark will do to you.
Riff Raff: Huh?
Little Brown Dog: That's just bad rapping, dog.
(Shoeshine barks at Riff Raff and his fur is blown away)
Little Brown Dog: Ooh, I didn't need to see that.
Bulldog: Boss, you're so pink. It's very becoming.
Riff Raff: Aaa, ahh! I'm naked! I'm naked!
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