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Stay Alive

Stay Alive quotes

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Prayer of Elizabeth

View Quote (after tapping the controller, avoiding the carriage in the game) Hell yeah.
View Quote October: Whoever said size doesn't matter never played a third-person shooter. Can I have a 42-incher? You know I like the big ones.
Hutch: Per usual, that is too much information. Oh, shit! Oh, man.
Phin: (to October) You're a whore.
View Quote Phin: Who talks like that to their brother like that anyway?
October: Somebody with an idiot for a brother.
Phin: Oh my god, you're a terrible person.
View Quote Phineus: If this genuinely is from Loomis, it must in fact be barely legal.
Hutch: (trying, about the game) Okay, we got this from Loomis. It's called Stay Alive. We don't know much about it except we're not supposed to have it.
View Quote Phineus: Miller, man, you in those tunnels again? All the doors are locked.
Miller: Well, now they're open and I'm exploring, tearin' shit up... ownin' fools.
October: Ownin' fools?
View Quote Swink: (Phineus smacks Swink's arm) Don't touch me, A-hole!
Phineus: "A-hole", Dude?
Swink: Profanity is for the feeble-minded.
Phineus: Well, I'm "effing" sorry I offended you... ****-ass. You ready for a good night, bro?
Swink: Oh, I can't stay too late, I gotta double back to see a Naughty Network glitch for the theatre pledges, Quite the neurotic level.
Phineus: Well, you can also take the skirt off and join us playing this virgin game, would you?
Swink: Virgin?
Phineus: Yes.
Swink: Shoot, I-I really shouldn't.
(Phineus points at him, trying to make Swink change his mind)
Swink: Okay, I'll figure something out.
View Quote Swink: But I just figured out how to strip one of those zombie concubines naked.
Phin: That is what I'm talking about. How do you do it?
Swink: Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.
Phin: (enters the code) Boobs.
View Quote Swink: Can Hutch come out and play?
Hutch: Swink! You scared the crap out of me!
Swink: (unfazed) Why yes. I would love to come inside. Thank you for asking.
View Quote Video Game Voice: When fear cripples you, when death's dark shadow surrounds you, drop a rose. It will help you... stay alive.
Swink: We should drop one when we meet up with a boss we can't face.
October: Yeah, the undead can't cross the twig of a wild rose.
Phineus: That is what happens when you read too much goth chick lit.
View Quote (Phin licks Swink's controller and hands it to him)
Swink: Bro...
Phin: Let's do it.
(Swink groans)
Phin: Put your hands on it.
Swink: That's disgusting.
Phin: Touch it.
View Quote (after snorting cocaine) Ooh, ****, that burns!
View Quote (Last line/final words, to the Countess) Go **** yourself.
View Quote (really upset) Somebody ran my brother down in a horse-drawn carriage. I'm gonna find whoever did it, and hurt them.
View Quote (to Hutch and Abigail) Go on, get out of here. I've got these punk-ass bitch mother****ers handled.
View Quote (To Miller) Okay, Where's the torture chamber cause I want some ass.