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View Quote Tanner: Oh, you've found a sense of humor, Doctor! … If only just a sense.
View Quote Dr. John Watson: [about Lord Blackwood] You really believe he was resurrected?
Sherlock Holmes: The question is not if, but how. The game's afoot.
Dr. John Watson: "Follow your spirit …"
Dr. John Watson, Sherlock Holmes: [together] "And upon this charge, cry God for Harry, England and St. George!"
View Quote Dr. John Watson: [About the file Irene left Holmes] I've already read it. Missing Person: Luke Reordan. 4'10", red hair, no front teeth. Case solved. You're obviously not her type. She likes ginger dwarves.
Sherlock Holmes: Midget.
Dr. John Watson: So you agree?
Sherlock Holmes: No, I don't agree. It's more than technicality.
View Quote Dr. John Watson: Did you remember your revolver?
Sherlock Holmes: Ah … knew I forgot something. Thought I'd left the stove on.
Watson: You did.
View Quote Dr. John Watson: Look at you! Why is the only woman you've ever cared about a world class criminal? Are you a masochist?
Sherlock Holmes: Allow me to explain.
Dr. John Watson: Allow me. She's the only adversary who ever outsmarted you … twice. Made a proper idiot out of you.
Sherlock Holmes: Right, you've had your fun.
Dr. John Watson: What's she after, anyway?
Sherlock Holmes: It's time to press on.
Dr. John Watson: What could she possibly need?
Sherlock Holmes: [sighs] Doesn't matter.
Dr. John Watson: Alibi? A beard. A human canoe. She could sit on your back and paddle you up the Thames.
View Quote Dr. John Watson: What were you doing [out there]?
Sherlock Holmes: Will you allow me to explain?
Dr. John Watson: I wish you would.
[Cuts back to when Irene Adler left the room. Holmes pretends to strum chords on his violin. As soon as Irene closes the door behind her, Holmes races over to the window and arrives in time to see her exiting the building. He runs back to the door. Watson is coming upstairs when Holmes comes running downstairs, and he opens the window at the midway landing]
Dr. John Watson: Holmes, what are you doing?
Sherlock Holmes: Nothing.
Dr. John Watson: Are you wearing a …
Sherlock Holmes: … false nose? No.
Dr. John Watson: [as Holmes steals his coat] Tell me that that wasn't … [before he can say "Irene Adler," Holmes jumps out the window and lands on a dumpster] Holmes, where are you going? [Holmes jumps onto another dumpster that is much lighter and the roof collapses under his weight.]
Sherlock Holmes: Watson! Uh, Watson! [Watson simply closes the window]
[Holmes makes his way up a flight of stairs and into a back street. He eventually catches up to Irene. He hides behind a stall and watches as Irene passes a man in a passageway with a bouquet of flowers]
First Man: Got some flowers for you, sweetheart. Cut you a deal 'cause you're so pretty.
Irene Adler: Oh! My lucky day!
Second Man: [comes up behind Irene and whispers in her ear] Hello gorgeous, have you got something for me?
[Irene promptly pulls out a leather cosh and strikes the second thug across the face, pull out a stiletto and points it at the face of the first thug]
Irene Adler: MOVE! [ She backs the thug into the wall, then she lowers the blade from his face to his neck and searches the man's pockets] Now what have we got here? Oh! [She takes the man's wallet, and the flower bouquet] Thank you.
Sherlock Holmes: That's the Irene I know. [He continues to follow Irene, passing through a small circus. He follows her through a small dressing tent, swiping some items to add to his disguise. Irene momentarily turns around, and does not notice that standing behind a performer carrying a weight is Holmes, wearing a top hat, a scarf, and an eyepatch over his left eye. As soon as she turns away, Holmes emerges from hiding and continues to follow her. He intercepts the carriage as it is coming along by ramming into the side of the horse, causing it to stop. The scene then fast-forwards through Holmes being yelled at by the driver and being scared off by the employer's wrist-mounted pistol and cuts to Holmes finishing his story]
Sherlock Holmes: This man intrigues me, Watson, he's got Adler on edge.
John Watson: Which is no mean feat.
Sherlock Holmes: She's intimidated. She's scared of him.
John Watson: Well she works for him.
Sherlock Holmes: Right.
John Watson: Well, it's nothing to do with me, but I advise you: Leave. The case. Alone.
Sherlock Holmes: Well, I may not have a choice, hm? After all, I may be paying the rent on my own, soon. [points his violin bow at Watson] Thanks to you.
John Watson: Get that out of my face.
Sherlock Holmes: It's not in your face; it's in my hand.
John Watson: Get what's in your hand out my face.
View Quote Dr. Watson: Get that out of my face.
Sherlock Holmes: It's not in your face, it's in my hand.
Dr. Watson: Get what's in your hand out of my face.
View Quote Fortune Teller: [Reading Watson's palm] Oh, I see two men. Brothers. Not in blood, but in bond.
Watson: What of Mary?
Fortune Teller: M for Mary, for Marriage. Oh, you will be married.
Watson: Go on.
Fortune Teller: Oh, I see patterned tableclothes, oh! China figurines, oh, and lace doilies!
Holmes: [mutters] Doilies.
Watson: Lace doilies? [He realizes that Holmes must have paid the fortune teller to rip him off] Holmes? Does your depravity know no boundaries?
Holmes: No.
Fortune Teller: Oh, she turns to fat! And oh, she has a beard!
Holmes: What of the warts?
Fortune Teller: Oh she's covered in warts.
Watson: Enough.
Holmes: [over Watson] Are they extensive?
Watson: Please, enough!
Holmes: It's the most apt prediction Flora has made in years, and precisely the reason you cannot find a ring.
View Quote Inspector Lestrade: You were told to wait for my orders.
Sherlock Holmes: If I had, you'd be cleaning up a corpse and chasing a rumor. Besides, the girl's family hired me, not the Yard. Why they thought you needed any assistance is beyond me.
Inspector Lestrade: Well, London will breathe a sigh of relief.
Dr. John Watson: Indeed. Congratulations, Lestrade.
Sherlock Holmes: Bravo, Inspector! Have a cigar.
Photographer: Gentlemen. [they turn] Cheese.
[Their photo is taken, and Holmes tries to conceal his face]
View Quote Irene Adler: Now, by the looks of things, you're between jobs.
Sherlock Holmes: And you between husbands. How much did you get for the ring?
Irene Adler: Oh, he was boring, and jealous, and he snored. [shrugs] I'm Irene Adler once again.
View Quote Irene Adler: So … case closed. Which makes this a social visit.
Sherlock Holmes: No, it's a "you're in over your head, Irene" visit.
View Quote Irene: He's just as brilliant as you are, and infinitely more devious.
Holmes: We'll see about that.
View Quote Irene: I've never woken up in handcuffs before.
Holmes: I have … naked. [referring to earlier in the film]
View Quote Irene: You'll miss me, Sherlock.
Holmes: Sadly, yes.
View Quote John Watson: [about Scotland Yard's incompetence] You boys have done an excellent job at obliterating any potential evidence.
Sherlock Holmes: Yes, but at least they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.