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Saw IV

Saw IV quotes

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Art Blank
Detective Hoffman
Eric Matthews
John Kramer/Jigsaw
Peter Strahm

View Quote [Rigg finds Brenda in his house]
Brenda: Are you a cop?
Rigg: What?
Brenda: ARE YOU A COP?!
Rigg: Yeah, I'm a cop.
[Rigg pulls off her pig mask, starting the device she is tied to]
Brenda: What is that?
View Quote [Rigg has opened the door under 90 minutes, killing Det. Matthews and Hoffman]
Art Blank: Oh, you stupid mother****er. What did you do?
Rigg: I had more time! [The clock reads 00:01] I STILL HAD ****ING TIME!
Art Blank: Why did you open that door--?
Rigg: You ****ing did this!
Art Blank: No, you idiot!
Rigg: You ****ing did this!
Art Blank: No! Jigsaw's testing you, you ****ING PIECE OF SHIT! [Reaches into his bag]
Rigg: [Pulls out his gun] Put your ****ing hands where I can see them! PUT YOUR ****ING HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!!!
Art Blank: JIGSAW'S ****ING TESTING YOU! [Pulls out a tape recorder]
Rigg: DON'T ****ING MOVE!!!
[Rigg mistakes the tape player for a weapon and shoots Art in the head]
View Quote [Rigg is watching a tape of Hoffman interrogating Jill Tuck]
Rigg: She knows something.
Hoffman: I thought you were going home. You have vacation time, right? Take it. Finish the remodeling, spend some time with Tracy.
Rigg: She understands.
Hoffman: Then don't take her for granted.
Rigg: Eric is still out there, man.
Hoffman: Eric's been missing for six months. Kerry was gone for four days. I can only be as optimistic as the facts allow.
Rigg: Yeah, well I'm in it till I find him.
Hoffman: Finding his body is not going to vindicate us.
Rigg: Finding him alive will.
Hoffman: It's time to let go. I want you to go home. I'll call you later to make sure everything is okay.
[Rigg leaves]
Linsdey Perez: Who's he?
Detective Hoffman: Lieutenant Rigg, our SWAT commander.
Peter Strahm: What's his problem?
Detective Hoffman: Everyone around him keeps dying.
View Quote [Strahm enters Jigsaw's Lair from the third film]
Jigsaw:... I've cause you and your wife tonight? Which is it gonna be, Jeff? Live or die, Jeff. Make our choice.
Jeff: I forgive you. [Power saw is heard]
Lynn: Jeff. Jeff!
[Strahm is outside the door when it closes]
View Quote [Strahm enters the operation room from the third film and finds Jeff there, holding a gun]
Peter Strahm: Let me see your ****ing hands.
Jeff: WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER, YOU MOTHER--[Aims his gun at Strahm, who shoots him twice in the chest]...****. [Falls dead]
View Quote [Strahm, Perez and other police officers have discovered Brenda's corpse from earlier.]
Peter Strahm: It's started.
Lindsey Perez: Strahm... [Peter comes over; holding a flashlight over some of the photos] Two detectives. You see this?
Strahm: Hoffman-- you got a 20 on him?
SWAT Pete: Not yet. [To Fisk] Hoffman.
Fisk: Calling.
Lindsey Perez: How do you explain Detective Matthews?
Peter Strahm: He's alive.
Lindsey Perez: Six months. Jigsaw never kept anyone that long.
Peter Strahm: No one but Amanda Young.
Lindsey Perez: You think he's been fixed?
Peter Strahm: Why these six?
Lindsey Perez: Hoffman's a decorated lieutenant. He doesn't fit the profile.
Peter Strahm: That's what you see... but what does he see? [Gestures to the SEE WHAT I SEE on the wall]
Lindsey Perez: Rigg trying to save his two friends.
Peter Strahm: Maybe. You got names and locations on any of these people?
SWAT Pete: Working it.
View Quote [About Rigg] Everyone around him keeps dying.
View Quote [After Eric is killed at 00:01 seconds until his freedom] I had more time. I still had ****ing time!
View Quote [After Perez is injured; Deleted Scene] Hello, Mrs. Perez? Yeah, hi. This is Peter Strahm. I work with your daughter Lindsey. Yeah. I have some bad news. [Furiously hurls papers and other things into a wall]
View Quote [Audio only; Eric's last words in Saw II] I'LL ****ING KILL YOU!! YOU ****ING BITCH!!!
View Quote [Discovering Ivan is a serial rapist] Is this what you do with your spare time?
View Quote [During the autopsy, wax-covered tape is found in Jigsaw's stomach] Dr. Heffner: What the hell? Get homicide here. Now.
[Det. Hoffman arrives]
Hoffman: Where is it?
Dr. Heffner: It was in his stomach.
[A doctor shows him the tape in wax]
Hoffman: Cut it out.
[Flashback: John pours wax on a tape in Saw III, then swallows it]
[Hoffman takes out the recording tape, the places the wax tape into a tape player]
Autopsy Tape: Are you there, detective? If so, you are probably the last man standing. Now, perhaps you will succeed where the others have failed. You think you will walk away untested. I promise that my work will continue. You think it's over just because I'm dead? It's not over. The games have just begun.
View Quote [Finding Jeff] Let me see your ****ing hands!
View Quote [Referring to Perez' blood on his shirt] You see this? This is my partner's blood. She's fighting for her life right now in a hospital because of your lunatic husband. What happened between Jigsaw and Art Blank?
View Quote [To Art whilst strapped to a chair] You ****ing hear me, you ****ing mother****er?