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View Quote Dr. Heffner: [First lines of the movie] Subject's name is John Kramer. 52 year-old male, caucasion. He's seen better days.
View Quote Fisk: Looks like another doctor went missing at the hospital.
View Quote Jeff Reinhart: [Last words] Where is my daughter, you mother?!--[Strahm shoots him twice]
View Quote Tracy: [To Rigg] What you can't do is save everyone.
View Quote [During the autopsy, wax-covered tape is found in Jigsaw's stomach] Dr. Heffner: What the hell? Get homicide here. Now.
[Det. Hoffman arrives]
Hoffman: Where is it?
Dr. Heffner: It was in his stomach.
[A doctor shows him the tape in wax]
Hoffman: Cut it out.
[Flashback: John pours wax on a tape in Saw III, then swallows it]
[Hoffman takes out the recording tape, the places the wax tape into a tape player]
Autopsy Tape: Are you there, detective? If so, you are probably the last man standing. Now, perhaps you will succeed where the others have failed. You think you will walk away untested. I promise that my work will continue. You think it's over just because I'm dead? It's not over. The games have just begun.
View Quote [Hoffman, Rigg and some other police officers have discoverd Detective Kerry's corpse]
Hoffman: [After Rigg foolishly goes through a door] Are you trying to get yourself killed? You know never to go through an unsecure door. Ever.
Rigg: I thought she was still alive. I thought I could save her. Did you ever think that we would end up here when you first started?
Hoffman: No. I didn't see it happening like this. Why the hell do we still do it?
Rigg: It's in our nature to save them. It's what we do.
Hoffman: Right. [Reading off the wall behind Rigg] "Cherish your life."
Rigg: What?
Hoffman: The ****ing motto. We're supposed to cherish our lives.
Rigg: Well, how the hell are we supposed to do that when this is our lives?
Hoffman: We chose this. Go home.
Man: [Over radio] Hoffman, there are two agents here to see you.
Hoffman: Copy.
Lindsey Perez: Detective Hoffman?
Hoffman: Yes.
Lindsey Perez: I'm special agent Lindsey Perez. This is special agent Peter Strahm.
View Quote Hoffman: How can I help the FBI?
Lindsey Perez: We're here about Detective Kerry. She was our liason.
Peter Strahm: "Open the door and you will find me."
Hoffman: What? [Strahm tosses him a key] What's this?
Peter Strahm: The key that came from our last message from Detective Kerry. "Open the door and you will find me" mean anything to you?
Hoffman: No.
[Rigg walks by and leaves]
Peter Strahm: Where's the body?
View Quote Fisk: The crime scene photographer's flash picked up this bullet casing. It was lodged between the body and the device.
Hoffman: Run it for prints.
[Strahm and Perez enter]
Lindsey Perez: The lock was open. She couldn't get out.
Hoffman: It was constructed for her exectution. Betrayed the rules.
Lindsey Perez: Not a Jigsaw trap then.
Hoffman: No. Amanda Young, the accomplice--
Peter Strahm: This wasn't done by Amanda Young.
Detective Hoffman: Excuse me?
Peter Strahm: Detective Kerry weighed aproximately 130 lbs. Amanda Young's arrest report has her at 107. She couldn't get her up there alone.
Detective Hoffman: John Kramer was--
Peter Strahm: A bedridden cancer patient? He's brains, not brawn.
Hoffman: He was also an engineer. He could have rigged pulleys--
Strahm: Or someone else could have helped him.
Hoffman: Special agent, if you're here for any other reason than just to assist--
Peter Strahm: We're here to help find who your department couldn't, detective: the one helping Jigsaw and Amanda Young.
View Quote [Rigg is watching a tape of Hoffman interrogating Jill Tuck]
Rigg: She knows something.
Hoffman: I thought you were going home. You have vacation time, right? Take it. Finish the remodeling, spend some time with Tracy.
Rigg: She understands.
Hoffman: Then don't take her for granted.
Rigg: Eric is still out there, man.
Hoffman: Eric's been missing for six months. Kerry was gone for four days. I can only be as optimistic as the facts allow.
Rigg: Yeah, well I'm in it till I find him.
Hoffman: Finding his body is not going to vindicate us.
Rigg: Finding him alive will.
Hoffman: It's time to let go. I want you to go home. I'll call you later to make sure everything is okay.
[Rigg leaves]
Linsdey Perez: Who's he?
Detective Hoffman: Lieutenant Rigg, our SWAT commander.
Peter Strahm: What's his problem?
Detective Hoffman: Everyone around him keeps dying.
View Quote [Rigg finds Brenda in his house]
Brenda: Are you a cop?
Rigg: What?
Brenda: ARE YOU A COP?!
Rigg: Yeah, I'm a cop.
[Rigg pulls off her pig mask, starting the device she is tied to]
Brenda: What is that?
View Quote [Fisk enters and shows some prints to Strahm and Perez]
Fisk: Hey, the prints just came in from officer Rigg.
Officer: Fisk.
Fisk: Not now.
Officer: We just got a call of shots fired from 23 Park Place.
Fisk: That's Rigg's apartment.
View Quote [Strahm, Perez and other police officers have discovered Brenda's corpse from earlier.]
Peter Strahm: It's started.
Lindsey Perez: Strahm... [Peter comes over; holding a flashlight over some of the photos] Two detectives. You see this?
Strahm: Hoffman-- you got a 20 on him?
SWAT Pete: Not yet. [To Fisk] Hoffman.
Fisk: Calling.
Lindsey Perez: How do you explain Detective Matthews?
Peter Strahm: He's alive.
Lindsey Perez: Six months. Jigsaw never kept anyone that long.
Peter Strahm: No one but Amanda Young.
Lindsey Perez: You think he's been fixed?
Peter Strahm: Why these six?
Lindsey Perez: Hoffman's a decorated lieutenant. He doesn't fit the profile.
Peter Strahm: That's what you see... but what does he see? [Gestures to the SEE WHAT I SEE on the wall]
Lindsey Perez: Rigg trying to save his two friends.
Peter Strahm: Maybe. You got names and locations on any of these people?
SWAT Pete: Working it.
View Quote Lindsey Perez: This is overkill. It's a setup to announce Rigg is the accomplice.
Peter Strahm: Or a setup for his alibi. Everyone around him keeps dying. Where is he to tell us he's innocent or what the hell these photos are doing in his apartment? Look there. [Shines a light to show ultraviolet paint]
Lindsey Perez: "Four walls build a home?"
Peter Strahm: What does he want us to see on these walls?
Lindsey Perez: The victims?
Peter Strahm: [Takes two photos] One of these photos doesn't belong. [Takes off more pictures] This is who we're looking for. [The photos are of Jill Tuck]
View Quote [At Jill Tuck's drug clinic]
Cecil Adams: ****, man! I'VE BEEN HERE FOR THREE ****IN' HOURS!!!
Michael: SHUT THE **** UP!!
Cecil: You shut up.
Gus: Are you out of your ****in' mind?! [Bitch slaps Cecil]
Later... John: [After Cecil takes out a switchblade] You don't want to do that.
Cecil: The ****'s your problem?
John: You're my problem. And you're becoming everybody else's, too.
View Quote [In Rigg's FEEL WHAT I FEEL test.]
Peter Strahm: He's been identified as Ivan Landsness. Aquitted of rape three times. Had to gouge out his own eyes in order to release himself.
Lindsey Perez: How does something like this get into a motel room undetected?
Peter Strahm: Piece by piece.
SWAT Pete: The room's been rented for the past six days to a lawyer named Art Blank. Get this: he went missing two weeks ago.
Peter Strahm: Run his name, get his addresses. Two of the five people on Rigg's apartment walls are dead. Every partner he's ever worked with--dead.
Lindsey Perez: Rigg didn't kill Ivan. Ivan made his own choice. Isn't that the whole Jigsaw mantra?
Peter Strahm: This wasn't about Ivan. It wasn't his test. [Points to the FEEL WHAT I FEEL on the door] It was about Rigg. [Takes two photos] Look at these photos. Tell me how you feel. Look at these women and tell me how you feel.
Lindsey Perez: Angry. Enraged.
Peter Strahm: Exactly. The pimp, the rapist-- Jigsaw wanted Rigg to see what he sees. He wants him to feel what he feels. This wasn't about Rigg saving his friends. He's being recruited.
View Quote [In the JUDGE AS I JUDGE test]
Eric Matthews: I don't wanna... I wanna stop playing. Why don't you ****ing kill me?
Art: No.
Hoffman: Shut up!
Eric Matthews: I don't wanna play anymore.
View Quote [At Rigg's SAVE AS I SAVE test]
Lindsey Perez: "Save as I Save." So what did he do, free her and let him die?
Peter Strahm: This guy didn't have a chance. He's got rods going through every major artery in his body. "Your life is in her hands." Rigg didn't kill this guy. His wife did.
Lindsey Perez: She identified Officer Rigg, said he saved her.
Peter Strahm: Saved?
Lindsey Perez: Yeah.
Peter Strahm: She passed Rigg's judgment, got fixed and got her freedom back. [Perez answers her cell phone] Second address? [Perez gives a no gesture.]
Lindsey Perez: [To Peter] I just found out something interesting about the three people in the traps. They were all represented by a lawyer named Art Blank.
Peter Strahm: He got them all off?
Lindsey Perez: Yeah. But wait. It gets better. He's also Jill Tuck's lawyer.
[A forensics man accidentally sets off a harpoon gun]
Peter Strahm: [Pulls Perez out of the way] Look out!
[The harpoon gun misfires and kills a forensic photographer]
Peter Strahm: The lair-- where's the lair?
Lindsey Perez: Raided. It doesn't exist.
Peter Strahm: Jigsaw wanted us to find that place. Where's the new game being played? We find that place, we find Rigg.
Lindsey Perez: We got a second address. There's a co-owner.
Peter Strahm: Who?
Lindsey Perez: Jill Tuck.
Peter Strahm: Jill Tuck? Where's the building?
Lindsey Perez: Here. This building.
View Quote [Cecil Adams awakens restrained to a chair by several blades jutting into his wrists]
Cecil: Hey, it's you. You did this to me.
John: No. You did this to yourself. Your greed took the life of an innocent child.
Cecil: Could you give me time to explain, please?
John: I can't give you time. No one can. Time's an illusion.
Cecil: Look, look. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
John: I forgive you, Cecil. I do. Addiction has ruined your life.
Cecil: I'm bleeding, man. Please just let me go.
John: I could let you go. That wouldn't serve you. I'll tell you what I will do, though. I'll give you a tool to reclaim your life, to discard the vices that have so corrupted your soul.
Cecil: I don't have a ****ing soul.
John: Maybe you will in the next life, Cecil. You see, things aren't sequential. Good doesn't lead to good nor bad to bad. People who steal, don't get caught live the good life. Others lie, cheat and get elected. Some people stop to help a stranded motorist and get taken out by a speeding semi. There's no accounting for it. How you play the cards your dealt--that's all that matters. Look at me. Do you understand what I'm saying to you?
Cecil: Oh, yeah. I understand. You're ****ing nuts!
[John sets a apparatus with 4 blades on both sides in front of Cecil]
Cecil: [Shouts] What the **** is that?
John: It's the tool. The tool that's going to save your life. I want to play a game. [Places the apparatus on the chair] Your life is a lie, Cecil. Now comes your moment of truth. As a drug addict and a thief, you've preyed on the kindness of others to fuel your addiction. Today, we're bringing the ugliness inside you out into the open. Now, in order for you to stay alive, we have to match your face with the ugliness of your soul. Just lean forward into the knives with your face. Press hard enough and you'll release the arm and the leg restraints that bind you.
Cecil: HELP!!!
John: Press hard though, and you'll be free.
Cecil: You-you sick ****! **** you!
John:' Or you can sit idly and bleed out on the floor. Live or die, Cecil. Make your choice.
Cecil: **** you! You sick ****! HELP!!!
View Quote [Strahm enters Jigsaw's Lair from the third film]
Jigsaw:... I've cause you and your wife tonight? Which is it gonna be, Jeff? Live or die, Jeff. Make our choice.
Jeff: I forgive you. [Power saw is heard]
Lynn: Jeff. Jeff!
[Strahm is outside the door when it closes]
View Quote [Strahm enters the operation room from the third film and finds Jeff there, holding a gun]
Peter Strahm: Let me see your ****ing hands.
Jeff: WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER, YOU MOTHER--[Aims his gun at Strahm, who shoots him twice in the chest]...****. [Falls dead]
View Quote [Rigg has opened the door under 90 minutes, killing Det. Matthews and Hoffman]
Art Blank: Oh, you stupid mother****er. What did you do?
Rigg: I had more time! [The clock reads 00:01] I STILL HAD ****ING TIME!
Art Blank: Why did you open that door--?
Rigg: You ****ing did this!
Art Blank: No, you idiot!
Rigg: You ****ing did this!
Art Blank: No! Jigsaw's testing you, you ****ING PIECE OF SHIT! [Reaches into his bag]
Rigg: [Pulls out his gun] Put your ****ing hands where I can see them! PUT YOUR ****ING HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!!!
Art Blank: JIGSAW'S ****ING TESTING YOU! [Pulls out a tape recorder]
Rigg: DON'T ****ING MOVE!!!
[Rigg mistakes the tape player for a weapon and shoots Art in the head]
View Quote Tape: Hello, officer Rigg. If you are hearing this, then you have reached detective Matthews and detective Hoffman in under nintey minutes, resulting in their deaths. The rules were clear. You were warned.
Rigg: It's Kerry!
Hoffman: Do not go through that door! [Rigg does exactly what Hoffman just told him not to do] You know never to go through an unsecure door, ever.
Tape: [Previous] Tonight, you face your obsession.
Tracy: What you can't do is save everyone.
Tape: [Previous] Will you learn how to let go?
Rigg: Eric is still out there, man.
Hoffman: It's time to let go.
Tape: [Previous] Detective Matthews has but ninety minutes.
Art Blank: [To Eric Matthews] I recommend you stay alive until the ****ing clock counts down.
[Current time]
Tape: They had to save themselves. Their salvation was out of your hands. Time was on your side, but your obsession wouldn't let you wait. Instead of saving detective Matthews, you cost him his life. You failed your final test.
[Rigg crawls onto a table while Hoffman unstraps himself, then stands over Rigg]
Rigg: [About Troy's test] What I don't understand is how the hell Jigsaw could have done all this. He was damn near on his deathbed last time we saw him.
Kerry: I'm not so sure he did.
[Brief scene of Hoffman pocketing evidence, seen in Saw III.]
Peter Strahm: This wasn't done by Amanda Young.
Hoffman: Excuse me?
Peter Strahm: She couldn't get her up there alone.
Hoffman: John Kramer was--
Peter Strahm: He's brains, not brawn. We're here to help find the person helping Jigsaw and Amanda Young.
[Hoffman writes the letter Amanda read in Saw III.]
Fisk: Looks like another doctor went missing from the hospital.
Hoffman: You go home. We chose this.
[Current time]
[Hoffman unplugs Art's camera monitors, and walks around Rigg]
Hoffman: Game over. [Leaves]
[Hoffman enters the lair from the third film, and before Agent Strahm can react, locks him inside, and leaves]
Autopsy Tape: You feel you now have control, don't you? You think you will walk away untested? I promise that my work will continue. That I have ensured. By hearing this tape, some will assume that this is over, but I am still among you. You think it's over just because I am dead? It's not over. The games have just begun.
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