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Peter Strahm quotes

View Quote [To Det. Hoffman] We're here to help find who your department couldn't, detective. The person helping Jigsaw and Amanda Young.
View Quote [To Jill Tuck] How do you feel about a husband who takes a motto from your drug clinic, designed to help people, and twists it into some kind of manic torture mantra?
View Quote You know, there's a lot of people out there looking for answers, wanting to place the blame on someone. That person is you. But you know what the best part is? I don't have to convince everybody. Just 12 people.
View Quote Okay, let's review. Girl loves boy, boy loves girl, boy gets girl pregnant, girl loses baby, boy turns into a serial killer. Jill, I'm not buying it.
View Quote [After Perez is injured; Deleted Scene] Hello, Mrs. Perez? Yeah, hi. This is Peter Strahm. I work with your daughter Lindsey. Yeah. I have some bad news. [Furiously hurls papers and other things into a wall]
View Quote You see that, Jill? That's a federal ****ing indictiment. It's got your name on it. You want to put someone else's name on it? You start talking to me, okay? What's with the doll? What's with the tricycle? Who were John's business associates before he went insane?
View Quote Where the hell is Art Blank?! Obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting, conspirator to murder. TALK TO ME! In 15 minutes, more people are gonna die, Jill. Police officers. [Refers to Art Blank] He's business partner. He's a friend. He is the accomplice we have been looking for and he is your ****ing LAWYER!
View Quote [Referring to Perez' blood on his shirt] You see this? This is my partner's blood. She's fighting for her life right now in a hospital because of your lunatic husband. What happened between Jigsaw and Art Blank?
View Quote [Finding Jeff] Let me see your ****ing hands!
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