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The Quick and the Dead

The Quick and the Dead quotes

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John Herod
The Kid

View Quote Dog Kelly: I am going to kill you, bitch!
View Quote Ratsy: And that concludes the lesson for today.
View Quote Spotted Horse: [showing off old gunshot wounds] Spotted Horse cannot be killed by a bullet! See! I've taken four bullets in my arm, three in my left leg, one in my right, and two bullets in the back. Another bullet went through my lip. Another bullet went through my left foot. And another bullet went into my head today, here, and has not even come out yet!
View Quote Townsman: We're gonna have to bury this old man deep. He stinks something awful.
View Quote Ace Hanlon: [shuffling a deck of cards] You wanna play poker with me, little lady?
Ellen: Looks like you're having a pretty good time playing with yourself.
Ace Hanlon: This is a very special pack. [shows that it's all aces] See, I put an ace in every time I kill a man.
View Quote Blind Boy: John Herod owns that house. He gets 50 cents of every dollar in this town.
Ellen: What's the town get?
Blind Boy': Heh. They gets to live.
View Quote Cantrell: Sergeant Cantrell.
Shemp: How do you spell that?
Cantrell: Correctly.
View Quote Cort: Last night, The Kid. Tonight, Herod. You're a busy woman. Any man in this town you're not interested in?
Ellen: Yeah: you.
View Quote Ellen: [after Herod accepts the Kid's challenge] You would fight your own son? I'm gonna kill you if I have to ride all the way to Hell to do it.
John Herod: Do you have some particular problem with me?
Ellen: I'll let you know.
View Quote Ellen: [walking up behind saloonkeeper, who's standing on a stool with his back to the door] How about a room?
Horace: Whores next door.
Ellen: Say that again.
Horace: I said whores next door.
Ellen: [kicks the stool out from under him]: Now, do you have a room available?
Horace: Uh, room and bath, yes ma'am. Coming up!
View Quote Ellen: Don't you even want to fight back?
Cort: Sure. I'd like to kill them all for what they've done. But I won't. Killing people is wrong.
Ellen: Some people deserve to die.
View Quote Ellen: In case you forgot preacher, I saved your life last night.
Cort: No, I think you just stretched it out a bit. I might've even gone to heaven if you'd let me die.
Ellen: Sorry.
View Quote Ellen: Sign me up!
Horace: No women in quick draw! It's against the rules!
John Herod: No rule against ladies. It's just that women can't shoot for shit!
View Quote Ellen: Thought a man like you would have a woman.
John Herod: I was married, to a beautiful woman. She was unfaithful.
Ellen: Where is she now?
John Herod: I told you, she was unfaithful.
View Quote John Herod: I could give you more money than you could ever spend.
Ellen: I wouldn't feel like I'd earned it.
John Herod: Oh yes, you would.