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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward quotes

17 total quotes

Multiple Characters
Trevor McKenney

View Quote Arlene McKenney: [to Eugene] You look good to me.
View Quote Arlene McKenney: I can't reject you, you're too quick for me!
View Quote Eugene Simonet: Jesus Arlene, he doesn't have to. All he has to do is not love him.
View Quote Sidney Parker: The world is a shithole, pardon my French an' shit.
View Quote Arlene: I got to take a shower.
Trevor: What?
Arlene: I smell horrible.
Trevor: No you don't! You smell like a rose or something.
Arlene: Are you sure?
Trevor: Yeah, yeah, I'm sure.
View Quote Arlene: Jesus, you are really somethin'.
Eugene: Thanks. I appreciate the euphemism. I always wanted to be somethin'.
View Quote Arlene: Sit down, I want to talk to you.
Trevor: You want to lie to me.
View Quote Chris: Is that what you want everybody to do for your birthday? Pay it forward?
Trevor: It wouldn't work.
Chris: Sure it would. Why not?
Trevor: Because I already blew out my candles.
View Quote Eugene: OK. You know, I'm going to have to consult my spirit guides here, because you tell me that Trevor is withholding from you, but you won't tell me anything specific and you still want me to sit here and divine why.
Arlene: Divine why? You always talk like that?
Eugene: Yes.
Arlene: You go to some big, fancy school?
Eugene: Yes.
Arlene: Think you can stop rubbing my nose in it?
View Quote Jerry: You ever been on the street?
Arlene: My mom took us pretty close.
Jerry: Well, you can't know. Not until you look at a dumpster. But when you climb into that thing for the first time and you pull those newspapers over you, that's when you know you've messed your life up. Somebody comes along like your son, and gives me a leg up, I'll take it. Even from a kid, I'll take it.
View Quote Thorsen: I thanked him and there were some very specific orifices in which I was told to shove my thanks. He told me, "Just pay it forward." Three big favors for three other people. That's it.
Chris: So it's like a pass-it-on thing, then. Wait a minute. You and this lowlife are in this chain of do-gooders, some kind of Mother Theresa conga line? That's a little New-Agey for you, isn't it? Sort of Tibetan? What, are you in a cult?
Thorsen: If you mention my name, you'll be selling your kidneys to pay for your lawsuit. Cult.
Chris: Hey, the guy. What was the guy's name?
Thorsen: [as he's walking away] Sorry, I'm late for my mass wedding.
View Quote Trevor: Are you saying you'll flunk us if we don't change the world?
Eugene: Well, no. But you might just scrape by with a C.
View Quote Trevor: Were you just being nice?
Eugene: About what?
Trevor: About my idea. Do you think it's good, or were you just being teachery?
Eugene: "Teachery"?
Trevor: Bullshitting.
Eugene: Do I strike you as someone falsely nice?
Trevor: No. You're not even really all that nice.
View Quote [Thorsen gives Chris the keys to his car]
Chris: You want me to drive home in your car?
Thorsen: No, I want you to take my car. Had a lot of luck lately. I don't need it.
Chris: You're giving me a brand-new Jaguar, and you don't want anything?
Thorsen: I can prove it. Give me your card.
[Chris gives Thorsen a business card]
Thorsen: I'll be in touch.
Chris: Whoa, what is this? What, you want me to kill your wife or something?
Thorsen: No. Tempting, but no. Call it generosity between two strangers.
View Quote [to Mr. Simonet] What did you ever do to change the world?