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Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz the Great and Powerful quotes

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Theodora/The Wicked Witch of the West

View Quote I simply want peace, that's all I ever wanted and the wizard can do that. He's a good man. Oz: Where... Where am I exactly?
Theodora: Where do you think you are?
Oz: I have no idea. It's... It's like no place I've ever seen.
Theodora: You're in Oz.
View Quote I don't want to be a good man... I want to be a great one.
View Quote China Girl: But... I wanna go with you.
Oz: What, on a witch hunt? Nah, you're just a little girl.
China Girl: I'm not as delicate as I look! [kicks Oz in the leg]
Oz: [smirks] That didn't hurt.
China Girl: [stubbornly] I'm coming with you!
Oz: Listen, we have one rule in show business - never work with kids or animals... [points at Finley] ...And I'm already working with this thing. [Finley growls at him angrily] Relax. [back to China Girl] The answer is no. [China Girl starts crying, hoping to get sympathy] No, no. Don't-don't do that. You'll be fine.
View Quote Glinda: For the record, I knew you’d had it in you all along.
Oz: Greatness?
Glinda: Much better than that: Goodness.
View Quote Glinda: Well done, Tinker. Your machine works beautifully!
Master Tinker: That's just workmanship. What you displayed was true courage.
View Quote Glinda: Would you stop that? A con man couldn’t have done all this. You’re much more than that.
Oz: Then I’ve got you fooled too.
Glinda: The only person you’ve got fooled is yourself.
View Quote Oz: [as Theodora is fleeing Emerald City] Theodora! [Theodora stops] I know your wickedness is not your doing, and should you ever find the goodness within you, you are welcome to return.
Theodora: [pauses, as if considering] NEVER!! [she flies away, cackling madly]
View Quote Oz: [to Theodora] Where's your broom?
Theodora: You don't know much about witches, do you?
View Quote Oz: [traveling by bubble to Glinda's kingdom] These things go kind of fast, huh? [notices the bubble around the castle] Hey, is-is that a wall?
Glinda: Of sorts. It repels our enemies; it protects us from harm.
Oz: But we're headed straight for it.
Glinda: [cheerfully] Yes, we are.
Oz: [nervously] And going very fast. How do you, uh...? Does this thing have any brakes? [panicking] I'm going too fast! I'm gonna die!
Glinda: [calmly] You needn't worry, Wizard. It's a magic wall, and all good-hearted souls get [realization dawns on her] to pass through.
View Quote Oz: [whispering to Glinda, as her city celebrates his arrival] You know, I should tell you. I might not actually be a wizard...
Glinda: Yes, I know.
Oz: Oh?
Glinda: Well, at least not any kind of wizard we were expecting.
Oz: Uh, you could tell?
Glinda: Yes. I can also tell you're weak, selfish, slightly egotistical, and a fibber.
Oz: I see. Anything you don't know about me?
Glinda: Whether or not you'll save my people.
Oz: Ah, no, I just told you I'm not the wizard.
Glinda: But they don't know that. If you can make them believe, then you're wizard enough. (sadly) These are desperate times, after all. Can you make them believe?
Oz: [nervously] Um... Will I... still get that gold?
Glinda: [surprised] Ah... [nods her head yes]
Oz: [to the crowd] Good people of Oz. Your wizard is here!
View Quote Oz: Glinda, I've got it!
Glinda: What have you got?
Oz: I've got a way out of this mess. [puts a book down on her desk]
Glinda: What is this?
Oz: A battle plan. [Glinda picks up and starts flipping through the book: Mastering Magic] It's all in there: Illusion, misdirects, slight of hand... Look, I know I'm not the wizard you were expecting, but I might just be the wizard you need.
Glinda: You said you were just a conman.
Oz: Precisely.
Glinda: Nothing but a trickster?
Oz: Yes.
Glinda: A terrible cheat?
Oz: The best there is.
Glinda: Carnival magician's going to put on a show.
Oz: I'll put on the show of a lifetime, the likes of which the land of Oz has never seen! Magic. Mystery. PRESTIDIGITATION! It'll be my greatest trick yet.
View Quote Oz: May I have this dance, milady? [Theodora looks startled] Now you're gonna tell me no one's ever asked you to dance before.
Theodora: [sadly] No one ever has.
Oz: [smiles] Then it's high time you learned.
View Quote Oz: This is all very impressive, but you still haven't told me how you plan to get this thing into the Emerald City.
Glinda: Relax. I know someone.
Oz: What do you mean you know someone?
[Glinda winks at the munchkin standing behind Oz.]
Knuck: Hello Wizard.
Oz: Well, well, well. If it isn't old Sourpuss.
Knuck: My name is Knuck!
Glinda: Now you two be nice to each other.
Knuck: Let's move it, Wizard!
Oz: Can you give me a break?
Knuck: I'll break yo' nose!
View Quote Theodora: [After arriving in Glinda's kingdom, in her new form] There's so much good here... It sickens me. [She jumps in front of the Tinkers. They recoil in fright] Still think your wizard can save you? FROM THE LIKES OF ME?! [levitates over to the Quadlings] SPEAK UP... or I will tear out your tongue!
Oz: [to Glinda] Now, who's that?
Theodora: [spins around, swoops toward Oz and Glinda] Don't you recognize me, Wizard? Have I changed so much?
Oz: [shocked] Theodora?
Theodora: [bows mockingly] May I have this dance? [moves her fingers around to levitate Oz up in the air and make him dance like a puppet]
Oz: Hey! Hey! Whoa! I get it! You're a little upset! [Theodora continues to make Oz dance, laughing vengefully]
Glinda: Theodora, stop! You'll hurt him!
[Irritated, Theodora uses her powers to throw Oz into a wall. She walks up to him as he is recovering]
Oz: Theodora... What happened to you?!
Theodora: You happened to me! [she conjures up a fireball and is about to throw it at Oz, but Glinda uses her wand to extinguish it]
Glinda: This isn't you, it's your sister. She's worked her magic on you. I'd hoped you'd be able to see through her... [points her wand warily at Theodora, who slowly walks towards her and Oz]
Theodora: Oh, Glinda... So naïve. Just like your father. That's why it was so easy for my sister to kill him.
Glinda: [sadly] She only killed a man... Not what he believed in.
Female Quadling: [brandishes her broomstick at Theodora] Begone witch, before the Wizard makes mush of you! [the Tinkers, Quadlings and Munchkins yell agreement, ordering Theodora to leave]
Theodora: [sarcastically] Ohh... how sweet. You all believe in him! [bitterly] Well, so did I, once. [to Glinda] And as for you, my pretty one... [lifts Glinda's chin with her nail and chuckles coldly] When I return with my sister and her army, the Yellow Brick Road will be red with the blood of every tinker, farmer, and Munchkin in your kingdom.
Glinda: [firmly] You underestimate us, Theodora. We are a strong and united people... And now, the Wizard is here to lead us.
Theodora: [turns to face Glinda's people] And as for your Wizard… he will be the first to die, and you will all see that he is nothing but a deceitful, selfish, and extremely mortal man! Give me that! [magically summons the female Quadling's broom; as soon as it touches her hand, it turns black] It was a broom that you wanted... Wasn't it, Wizard? [flies away on the broom laughing viciously]
View Quote Theodora: [Laughing] OUT OF MY WAY! [flies into the city centre on her broom, causing the citizens to jump aside in fright; she lands in front of Glinda, stares at her for a moment, then kneels so that they are eye-to-eye] Give up, Glinda. Why do you continue to resist?
Glinda: Because I believe in the Wizard.
Theodora: [her face darkens with hatred and rage] So did I, once. Behold. [she stands up, pointing to Oz's balloon full of stolen gold, rising over the city] LOOK! Your Wizard! [Glinda stares at the balloon in disbelief]
Citizen #1: Where is he going?
Citizen #2: [sadly] He's abandoning us!
Citizen #3: [sadly] How could he?
[Knuck, the Master Tinker and Finley all watch in disappointment. Suddenly, an enraged Theodora conjures a red fireball and hurls it at the balloon]
Glinda: No!
[The balloon is hit by the fireball and explodes in a burst of flame, raining gold coins over the center of the square. The crowd reacts with horror as the burning balloon crashes down on the heap of gold]
China Girl: No! [starts to cry]
Evanora: [mockingly] Ohh... Not so Great and Powerful, after all.
[Theodora stares impassively at the bonfire as Glinda and the citizens cry quietly. As the Winkees begin to move the crowds back, Finley flies over to the wreckage and retrieves Oz's smoking top hat; he clutches it and begins to cry. A Winkee guard walks over to him]
Winkee: Hey- [Finley looks up, and the Winkee pulls back the brim of his helmet to reveal Oz, grinning] Hello, Monkey.
Finley: Oz! [beams, hugs him] I thought you were dead-
Oz: Shhh... You were crying pretty hard- was that for me?
Finley: Oh... no, some of the smoke got in my eyes!
Oz: [laughs, unconvinced] Oh, right.
Finley: Wow, you fooled everybody - That was your greatest trick yet!
Oz: [grins] That was just the opening act!
Evanora: [to the Citizens] Let this be the final word! [Oz and Finley glance nervously in her direction as she and Theodora step forward on either side of Glinda] Your prophecy is dead. Like the king who spoke it, and the wizard who tried to fulfill it! All dead!
Oz: [to Finley] It's showtime. [leads him towards the projection-booth carriage, where the Master Tinker and Knuck are gesturing for them]
Theodora: [to the Citizens] And they will be joined in death, by Glinda the Good! [The citizens watch sadly as Theodora and Evanora close on Glinda] Farewell.
Evanora: Say hello to your daddy for me. [she and Theodora conjure green lightning and red flames, respectively, and begin charging up their magical energies for the killing blow]
Glinda: The dreams of the people live on.
[Just as Theodora and Evanora are about to strike, all the torches around the square are instantly extinguished]