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Theodora: [Laughing] OUT OF MY WAY! [flies into the city centre on her broom, causing the citizens to jump aside in fright; she lands in front of Glinda, stares at her for a moment, then kneels so that they are eye-to-eye] Give up, Glinda. Why do you continue to resist?
Glinda: Because I believe in the Wizard.
Theodora: [her face darkens with hatred and rage] So did I, once. Behold. [she stands up, pointing to Oz's balloon full of stolen gold, rising over the city] LOOK! Your Wizard! [Glinda stares at the balloon in disbelief]
Citizen #1: Where is he going?
Citizen #2: [sadly] He's abandoning us!
Citizen #3: [sadly] How could he?
[Knuck, the Master Tinker and Finley all watch in disappointment. Suddenly, an enraged Theodora conjures a red fireball and hurls it at the balloon]
Glinda: No!
[The balloon is hit by the fireball and explodes in a burst of flame, raining gold coins over the center of the square. The crowd reacts with horror as the burning balloon crashes down on the heap of gold]
China Girl: No! [starts to cry]
Evanora: [mockingly] Ohh... Not so Great and Powerful, after all.
[Theodora stares impassively at the bonfire as Glinda and the citizens cry quietly. As the Winkees begin to move the crowds back, Finley flies over to the wreckage and retrieves Oz's smoking top hat; he clutches it and begins to cry. A Winkee guard walks over to him]
Winkee: Hey- [Finley looks up, and the Winkee pulls back the brim of his helmet to reveal Oz, grinning] Hello, Monkey.
Finley: Oz! [beams, hugs him] I thought you were dead-
Oz: Shhh... You were crying pretty hard- was that for me?
Finley: Oh... no, some of the smoke got in my eyes!
Oz: [laughs, unconvinced] Oh, right.
Finley: Wow, you fooled everybody - That was your greatest trick yet!
Oz: [grins] That was just the opening act!
Evanora: [to the Citizens] Let this be the final word! [Oz and Finley glance nervously in her direction as she and Theodora step forward on either side of Glinda] Your prophecy is dead. Like the king who spoke it, and the wizard who tried to fulfill it! All dead!
Oz: [to Finley] It's showtime. [leads him towards the projection-booth carriage, where the Master Tinker and Knuck are gesturing for them]
Theodora: [to the Citizens] And they will be joined in death, by Glinda the Good! [The citizens watch sadly as Theodora and Evanora close on Glinda] Farewell.
Evanora: Say hello to your daddy for me. [she and Theodora conjure green lightning and red flames, respectively, and begin charging up their magical energies for the killing blow]
Glinda: The dreams of the people live on.
[Just as Theodora and Evanora are about to strike, all the torches around the square are instantly extinguished]

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