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Theodora/The Wicked Witch of the West

View Quote Theodora: [tricked by Evanora into thinking Oz has "betrayed" her for Glinda] He said we would rule Oz, together... He said I would be his Queen.
Evanora: Did he? [takes Theodora's hand, meets her eyes] Are you... quite sure it wasn't you who said that to him?
View Quote Theodora: Isn't he wonderful? Didn't I say he would come?
Evanora: [angrily] You dare escort that... oaf in here and and allow him to climb on the hallow throne?
Theodora: And why not? He is the wizard.
Evanora: The wizard, or so he says. Did it not ever occur to you that he might be an impostor in league with the Wicked Witch and sent here to kill us?
Theodora: Wicked Witch? Don't be ridiculous.
Evanora: Oh, I'm not the one who is underestimating her cleverness. [pauses] Or maybe it is you that I am underestimating. [Theodora looks at her in surprise] Have you finally joined her side, sister?
Theodora: I am on no one's side. You know that. I simply want peace, that's all I ever wanted and the wizard can do that. He's a good man.
Evanora: What do you know about goodness? Deep down you are wicked.
Theodora: [furiously] I'M NOT WICKED! [In her rage, she shoots a fireball at a vase and blows it to bits. Theodora recoils at what she's done]
Evanora: That temper really is wasted on you, isn't it?
View Quote [Theodora watches Oz and Glinda greeting the people in Evanora's crystal ball]
Evanora: What's the matter, sister?
Theodora: [jealously] Look at how happy they all are. Do you think she'll be his Queen?
Evanora: Well, of course she'll be his Queen. You can't compete with Glinda's charms - no one can.
[Theodora cries, her tears leaving burn scars on her face]
Theodora: Sister, it hurts!
Evanora: Such is a broken heart- your precious wizard did that to you.
Theodora: [turns to her] Make it stop.
Evanora: Would you like me to? [Theodora pauses; cut to Evanora offering her an enchanted green apple] One bite is all it takes. One bite, and your world will change forever. One bite, and your heart will become impenetrable. One bite, and you and I will finally share the throne. [seeing Theodora's hesitation] Unless you'd rather see Oz and Glinda there? [Theodora grabs the apple and takes a bite. Immediately, the candles go out and a cold wind blows through the room]
Theodora: [stares up at her sister in realisation] ...You're the wicked one - not Glinda! [Evanora smirks, victorious] Sister, you lied to me!
Evanora: It's nice, isn't it? How clear everything becomes.
Theodora: [suddenly begins convulsing with pain and gasping for breath; tearing off her cloak and necklace, she staggers across the room] What is happening to me?!
Evanora: [chuckling] Oh. It's just your heart withering away. Fear not, Theodora, for soon you will feel nothing at all, except beautiful... Wickedness. [Theodora stumbles across the room, hallucinating about Oz laughing, and collapses behind a table; the fire blazes high. Evanora steps cautiously towards her] Sister...? [she shrieks and recoils as Theodora's hand, now clawed and green-skinned, shoots up and grabs the table, her nails gouging the stone surface. Evanora appears startled as Theodora -still unseen- stands up, casting a menacing silhouette on the wall] Oh, sister... You're hideous. [smiles weakly] I can cast a simple enchantment, and have you looking just the way you were before-
Theodora: NO! This is who I am now! [flips her wide-brimmed red hat inside out, revealing a black witch's hat] I want him to see me like this! I want him to know that he was the one who made me this way! [cackles madly]
Evanora: [to herself] Oh, dear...
View Quote Aren't you the Great Man we've been waiting for?
View Quote Did those crows just say we're gonna die?
View Quote How hard can it be to kill a Wicked Witch?
View Quote I am on no one's side, You know that I simply want peace that's all I ever wanted and the wizard can do that. He's a good man.
View Quote I don't need them. Bubbles are just for show.
View Quote I don't want to die! I haven't accomplished anything yet! Please!
View Quote I have everything I ever wanted.
View Quote Oz? That's my name. Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs. But everyone calls me Oz.
View Quote The shield allows a good-hearted person to pass.
View Quote You can't give me that. You took what mattered most to me: My father.
View Quote You're capable of more than you know...