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Theodora: [After arriving in Glinda's kingdom, in her new form] There's so much good here... It sickens me. [She jumps in front of the Tinkers. They recoil in fright] Still think your wizard can save you? FROM THE LIKES OF ME?! [levitates over to the Quadlings] SPEAK UP... or I will tear out your tongue!
Oz: [to Glinda] Now, who's that?
Theodora: [spins around, swoops toward Oz and Glinda] Don't you recognize me, Wizard? Have I changed so much?
Oz: [shocked] Theodora?
Theodora: [bows mockingly] May I have this dance? [moves her fingers around to levitate Oz up in the air and make him dance like a puppet]
Oz: Hey! Hey! Whoa! I get it! You're a little upset! [Theodora continues to make Oz dance, laughing vengefully]
Glinda: Theodora, stop! You'll hurt him!
[Irritated, Theodora uses her powers to throw Oz into a wall. She walks up to him as he is recovering]
Oz: Theodora... What happened to you?!
Theodora: You happened to me! [she conjures up a fireball and is about to throw it at Oz, but Glinda uses her wand to extinguish it]
Glinda: This isn't you, it's your sister. She's worked her magic on you. I'd hoped you'd be able to see through her... [points her wand warily at Theodora, who slowly walks towards her and Oz]
Theodora: Oh, Glinda... So naïve. Just like your father. That's why it was so easy for my sister to kill him.
Glinda: [sadly] She only killed a man... Not what he believed in.
Female Quadling: [brandishes her broomstick at Theodora] Begone witch, before the Wizard makes mush of you! [the Tinkers, Quadlings and Munchkins yell agreement, ordering Theodora to leave]
Theodora: [sarcastically] Ohh... how sweet. You all believe in him! [bitterly] Well, so did I, once. [to Glinda] And as for you, my pretty one... [lifts Glinda's chin with her nail and chuckles coldly] When I return with my sister and her army, the Yellow Brick Road will be red with the blood of every tinker, farmer, and Munchkin in your kingdom.
Glinda: [firmly] You underestimate us, Theodora. We are a strong and united people... And now, the Wizard is here to lead us.
Theodora: [turns to face Glinda's people] And as for your Wizard… he will be the first to die, and you will all see that he is nothing but a deceitful, selfish, and extremely mortal man! Give me that! [magically summons the female Quadling's broom; as soon as it touches her hand, it turns black] It was a broom that you wanted... Wasn't it, Wizard? [flies away on the broom laughing viciously]

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