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Open Season

Open Season quotes

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View Quote Beaver #1: Hey, what you got?
Beaver #2: Wood. What you got?
Beaver #1: Wood. You want to trade?
View Quote Beth: You're in big trouble, mister!
Boog: [to Beth] Sheesh!
[Boog passes out]
Boog: OW!!!
[Beth takes something off of Boog and gasps]
Beth: You know what sugar does to you, Boog! [closes Gordy's truck's back door] Straight to bed, now!
[Boog gets up and runs over to his garage, as he slams the garage door loudly]
Beth: UGH?! I’m so sorry. It’s my fault.
View Quote Beth: [after seeing that Shaw has killed Elliot] Shaw! That guy really chaps my khakis. You wait here, Boog.
[Beth goes off to confront Shaw while Boog waits in the truck]
View Quote Bobbie: Isn't it peaceful out here, Bob? You're right, Bob. Let's not spoil the beauty of this moment... with idle chatter. Some people can just jibber-jabber till the cows come home. What does that mean, Bob? "Till the cows come home." Where have the cows been?
View Quote Boog: All right, fish. Give it up for Boog!
View Quote Boog: Boog is sorry. [Begins to cry]
Gordy: Beth, you're not his mother.
Beth: I'm not mothering him.
[Boog taps on his garage window and waves at Beth] Beth: Excuse me. Go to bed, Boog!
Grody: That's enough, Beth? [Boog then vomits on the window]
[Beth sighs] Beth: One more summer.
View Quote Boog: [After waking up in the forest face-to-face with a flower] Ooooohhh... pretty.
View Quote Boog: [helium voice] Hello, Idiot.
Elliot: [helium voice] That's Elliot.
[both laugh]
View Quote Boog: [wakes up to discover he's in the woods] AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! [his scream echoes throughout the forest] Where's home?! It's gone! Someone stole it!
[Elliot comes out of the bag]
Elliot: Hey. Would you keep it down? I'm tryin' to sleep here. [yawns in Boog's face; Boog shakes with fury]
Boog: YOU!
[Boog takes the bag off of him and walks over to a steep cliff]
Elliot: No, I didn't do it!
Boog: [holding Elliot over the cliff] Take a good look, Elliot. What do you see, Elliot? Something's missing. What is it, Elliot? What is it?!
Elliot: Wait. Don't tell me...
Elliot: Aww! I was just gonna say that!
Boog: My garage is missin'! Breakfast, lunch and dinner are missing! My life is missing! And it's all... your... FAULT!!!
Elliot: What're you gonna do? [Boog lets go of Elliot's antler; he falls, but Boog quickly grabs Elliot] AAAAAAHHHHH!!!... [Boog holds Elliot up; Elliot realizes he wasn't falling; chuckles] You're funny. I thought "maybe, then I was like uh-uh and then—"
[Boog throws Elliot over his shoulder]
View Quote Elliot: [Standing with his butt in the air, his antler stuck to the ground] Hey, Boog! Look, no hands! Though I think I'm getting a sunburn. Check it out.
Boog: All right, where's home?
Elliot: Or maybe call this a moonburn. Check it out.
[Boog slaps Elliot on the butt]
Elliot: Ow!
View Quote Elliot: Boogster, what's the delio?
Maria: Watch your mouth, or you gonna get yourself in a LOT of trouble, girlfriend.
Rosie: You're just jealous 'cause you ain't got a MAN!
Boog: I don't know, some kind of chick fight. Elliot, wha' I do?
Elliot: Well, that's easy, you gonna mark your territory. Show them who's boss!
Boog: (nods) All right, ladies, I'm laying down the law! (Maria and Rosie stare)
Elliot: Well, unless, of course, they're skunks.
Boog: (They bellow gas at him and runs to the river and washs him with some water, then drys himself with some rabbits) The woods is no place for a bear!
View Quote Elliot: I call them Woo-Hoos. Like in, "Woo-hoo!"
View Quote Elliot: I'm a little light-headed.
[His remaining antler cracks off]
View Quote Elliot: Ian's right, I'm a loser.
Boog: No, you're not a loser.
Elliot: Yes, I am!
Boog: No, you're not!
Elliot: Yes!
Boog: No!
Elliot: Trust me, you know the day I met you, Ian kicked me out of the herd, I lost my antler, I got run over, and tied to the hood of a truck. What do you call that?
Boog: Ahhh... a loser! But check this out. Behold, the Mighty Grizzly! I look like a bear, I talk like a bear. But I can't fish, I can't climb a tree, I can't even go in the woods!
Elliot: That's nothin'! Half doe, half buck! I'm a duck!
Boog: I ride a unicycle for crackers.
Elliot: I have a glass eye.
Boog: I can't snap.
Elliot: I thought log was a color.
Boog: I can't see my feet!
Elliot: I killed a man (with this thumb)!
[both laugh]
View Quote Elliot: You know, I've been thinkin', we should have a secret handshake, and, like, nicknames and stuff. Like, I can call you "Boogster," and you can call me "The Incredible Mr. E." You like that? I just made it up. You know, this is gonna be awesome. It's just you and me. Hey, who's the lady in the shorts?