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Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Mr. Peabody & Sherman quotes

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Mr. Peabody

View Quote [Ay, the Grand Vizier, arrives]
Sherman: Who is he?
Mr. Peabody: He is Ay.
Sherman: He is you?
Ay: I am Ay, the Grand Vizier.
Mr. Peabody: Yeah, that's his name.
Sherman: Oh.
View Quote [Cops surround the WABAC and the historical figures, including Robespierre and Agamemnon]
Cop: [To Robespierre] Drop the sabre and step away from the futuristic orb!
Robespierre: [Defiantly] I take orders from no man! Liberte! Fraternite! Egalite! [Cop tasers him] Ooh-la-la! [Collapses]
Agamemnon: [Chuckles nervously] Don't tase me, bro. [he and other historical figures back away]
View Quote [George Washington arrives to assist Mr. Peabody, who's about to be taken to the pound]
George Washington: [clears his throat] We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men, and some dogs, are created equal. I hereby award Mr. Peabody a Presidential pardon.
Abraham Lincoln: [Suddenly appears] Me, too!
Bill Clinton: [Suddenly appears] I've done worse.
View Quote [King Tut announces his engagement with Penny]
Sherman: What?! You can't marry this guy!
Penny: Why not?
Sherman: Well, for 1 - his name rhymes with butt!
Penny: I don't care. I going to have a big fat Egyptian wedding!
Mr. Peabody: Spoiler alert - King Tut dies young. Are you sure you've thought this through?
Penny: Oh, trust me, I've thought it through. I'm getting everything.
View Quote [Mr. Peabody and Sherman are inside the mouth of the statue of Anubis, impersonating him to call off the wedding]
Ay: But Anubis, the sun god Ra has decreed that this girl is to be the boy king's wife!
Mr. Peabody [as Anubis]: That's so funny. I was talking to the sun god Ra just the other day, and he told me he'd changed his mind. "Old Flip-Flop Ra", we call him here in the Underworld.
Ay: Really? But it's too late! We've already paid for the catering!
Mr. Peabody: [as Sherman spews fire out of the statue's mouth] Too bad, you're going to lose your deposit!
View Quote [Mr. Peabody and Sherman are sealed up in a dark tomb]
Sherman: Mr. Peabody?
Mr. Peabody: Yes, Sherman?
Sherman: Can I hold your hand?
Mr. Peabody: Of course, you can.
Sherman: [brief pause] Boy, your hand's cold, Mr. Peabody.
Mr. Peabody: Sherman?
Sherman: Yeah?
Mr. Peabody: [ignites a torch] That's not my hand.
Sherman: [notices that he's holding a mummified hand] Ahhh! [Jerks away the hand and the arm dislocates and falls to the ground] Ahhhhhh! [jumps into Peabody's empty arm]
Mr. Peabody: That's disarming.
View Quote [Mr. Peabody comes to check on Sherman and Penny]
Sherman: [Angrily] Why didn't you tell me she was coming over here?!
Mr. Peabody: Because I didn't want you to worry. [Sherman groans with annoyance] Okay. Because I didn't want to listen to your bellyaching!
Sherman: [sticks his tongue through his gritted teeth, softly and furiously] Thank you for your honesty!
Mr. Peabody: You're welcome.
Sherman: [Angrily] I don't know what you think we're supposed to do in here anyway! She hates me!
Mr. Peabody: Share your interests. Tell her a witty anecdote.
Sherman: Mr. Peabody, I... hate... her.
Mr. Peabody: Sherman, every great relationship starts from a place of conflict, and evolves into something richer. [A dumbstruck Sherman stares at Mr. Peabody blankly.] Bonne chance. [closes the door, but comes back in] Make it work. [closes it, but comes back in again] But don’t tell her about the WABAC. [closes it and leaves]
View Quote [Odysseus arrives at the the hatch]
Agamemnon: Odysseus, what news do you bring?
Odysseus: [holds a mini figure of the Trojan Horse] Someone left this for us!
Agamemnon: A present. Nice! It looks just like our horse.
Odysseus: [pause] Should I bring it inside?
Agamemnon: [thinks about it for a second] It'd be rude not to.
[Odysseus brings the horse inside and Peabody pops out of it]
Greek Soldiers: Ahhh!
Agamemnon: [laughing] I did not see that coming!
Penny: [Pops out of the horse and sniffs] Ugh! Jeez-Louise! What is that smell?
Agamemnon: [Sniffs his armpit] That is the smell of victory! [Greeks cheer]
Mr. Peabody: [he and Penny hop out of the horse] Greetings men of Sparta, Athens and Thebes, Peabody here. I've come for Sherman.
Agamemnon: [to Sherman] You know this guy?
Sherman: [Unhappily] I thought I did, but now, I'm not so sure.
Agamemnon: Then he must be a spy. [to his men] KILL HIM!
[The Greeks draw their swords]
Sherman: [stops the Greeks] No, no! He's... [embarrassed] My dad.
Greek: [confused] Your dad?
Penny: It's an adoptive relationship (but the opposite).
Agamemnon: Awww!
View Quote [Peabody and Sherman are escaping the tomb, but they ran into a puzzle room]
Mr. Peabody: Ah, ah, ah! Careful, Sherman. It's a booby trap. [Sherman laughs] What's so funny?
Sherman: You said "booby"! [Continues laughing, but suddenly stops as he notices Peabody's glare]
Mr. Peabody: One wrong step and we're done for.
View Quote [Peabody, Penny and an angry Sherman are trying to evade a black hole in the WABAC]
Sherman: Why didn't you tell me?!
Mr. Peabody: [concentrating on the controls] Tell you what?!
Sherman: [stands up] Why didn't you tell me Miss Grunion was trying to take me away from you?!
Mr. Peabody: It's not your job to worry about these things!
Sherman: [angrily] You just didn't think I could handle it!
Mr. Peabody: You'll discuss it later. Now, sit down.
Sherman: [angrily grabs Peabody to make eye contact with him] I DON'T WANNA DISCUSS IT LATER!
Mr. Peabody: [firmly] Sherman, sit.
Sherman: [muttering, sits back in his seat and turns away] You can't talk to me like that. I'm not a dog.
Mr. Peabody: [shocked] What did you say?
Sherman: [finally loses his temper] I SAID I'M NOT A DOG!!
Mr. Peabody: [hurt] You're right, Sherman! You're not! [angrily] You're just a very bad boy!
View Quote [Peabody, Sherman and Penny are fleeing to the WABAC after Peabody bit Miss Grunion]
Sherman: I can't believe you bit her, Mr. Peabody.
Mr. Peabody: I know, Sherman. It was wrong.
Sherman: Wrong? It was awesome!
View Quote [Sherman explains how Da Vinci's flying machine works]
Penny: But how do you get it to go?
Sherman: Huh?
Penny: How do you take off?
Sherman: Oh, you just pull down that lever. [points at a lever]
Penny: [takes a hold of the lever, mischievously] This one?
Sherman: [regretful] Oh, boy. [Penny launches the machine with Sherman and herself on board] Aah!
View Quote [The camera pans out to the building of Versaiiles; once inside, Sherman and Mr. Peabody see Marie Antoinette]
Marie Antoinette: CAKE! I love cake so much.... [she grabs a plate from a servant, and stabs it with the fork, about to eat it... AND THEN SHE STUFFS THE ENTIRE THING IN HER MOUTH, GOBBLING WITH GUSTO!]
View Quote [After crashing the Flying Machine, she notices that Sherman's unconscious; gasps] Sherman! Sherman! Are you okay?!
View Quote [after crashing the Flying Machine] That was pretty fantastic!