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Sherman quotes

View Quote [Repeated line] Ha-ha-ha... I don't get it.
View Quote Is the President coming over for dinner again?
View Quote So who's coming to dinner, Mr. Peabody?
View Quote [muttering under his breath, softly and sarcastic] Yeah, we're interested in what's going on, that's for sure.
View Quote [Showing Penny the WABAC] He calls it the WABAC.
View Quote [To Penny, who's being dragged into Tut's palace; valiantly] Don't worry, Penny, we'll save you! [He and Peabody are, later, thrown into the sphinx; To the guards who are sealing them in] Hey, wait! You can't just... [The Sphinx is sealed shut, and everything's pitch black] ...leave us here.
View Quote [To Peabody, who claims that Sherman's jealous of Tut and Penny] You think I LIKE Penny?! [Peabody: Mmm-hm.] Give me a break! It's not like I want to hold her hand or go to the park with her or... [Dreamily] Watch her while she brushes her hair... [Notices that Peabody's giving him a dumbfounded look] Or anything.
View Quote [Goes through the puzzle room in a quick pace; quickly] The boat of Ra sails straight today. [Sputters] Play! [Steps on the wrong tile and it falls down] Uh, I mean "pay." [Steps on the right tile]
View Quote [after crashing the Flying Machine] That was pretty fantastic!
View Quote [After He and Penny are saved from falling in the Trojan Horse by Peabody; Slurred] Mr. Peabody? [Recovers] Mr. Peabody? [He and Penny go to the cliff to observe the wreck] Mr. Peabody? Mr. Peabody!! [No answer] Dad!! [Still no answer; Sherman desperately breathes, then he cries] Oh, Mr. Peabody. What should I do, what should I do?
View Quote [Miss Grunion is forcibly grabbing his arm to take him out of Peabody's penthouse] Ow, ow! You're hurting me!
View Quote The only mistake Mr. Peabody ever made... was me.
View Quote If being a dog means you're like Mr. Peabody, who never turns his back on you and who's always there to pick you up when you fall and loves you no matter how many times you mess up; if that's what it means to be a dog, then yeah! [Proudly] I'm a dog, too!
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