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Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Mr. Peabody & Sherman quotes

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Mr. Peabody

View Quote Agamemnon: [Falls from the hole into a cop car with Grunion, and the Petersons in it; Spots Grunion] What sort of creature are you?!
Miss Grunion: The name's Grunion! [The car takes off]
Agamemnon: I'm in love!
View Quote Da Vinci: [falls into the WABAC windshield] Hey-a, Peabody! [falls off]
Sherman: [Shocked] Looks like the past is coming to us!
Robespierre: [Falls into the windshield] I will get you, dog, and your little boy too! [Falls off]
King Tut: [Falls into the windshield] Penny, my bride! [A jealous Sherman uses windshield wipers to chuck Tut off] Ahhh!
[Peabody glares at Sherman, as Penny looks at Sherman, lovingly]
Sherman: [Notices Peabody's glare] What?
View Quote Da Vinci: [spots his flying machine] Hey, look-a, Peabody! It's my flying machi–! My flying machine?!
Mr. Peabody: [notices that Sherman and Penny are on board] Sherman, Sherman!? Sherman, what are you doing up there?!
Sherman: [excitedly] I'm flying!
Mr. Peabody: But Sherman, you don't know how to fly!
Sherman: [confused] I don't?
Mr. Peabody: No!
View Quote Judge: Mr. Peabody, you're a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, a world-renowned explorer, an advisor to heads of state, a captain of industry. Why would you want to adopt a boy?
Mr. Peabody: Because, your honor, when I found Sherman, it reminded me of how I started out in life. And now, I am going to give him the one thing I always wanted: a home.
Judge: And you're sure you're capable of meeting all the challenges of raising a human boy?
Mr. Peabody: With all due respect, how hard could it be?
Judge: [lowers his glasses] Very well then. If a boy can adopt a dog, I see no reason why a dog cannot adopt a boy.
[The Judge bangs his gavel and an off screen person hands Baby Sherman to Peabody and hugs him]
Baby Sherman: Dada!
Mr. Peabody: No, Sherman, not "Dada". You shall call me "Mr. Peabody", or in less formal moments, simply "Peabody".
Baby Sherman: Mr. Peababa?
Mr. Peabody: That's right. Mr. Peababa. [Hugs Sherman and holds him up for a photo shot]
View Quote Leonardo Da Vinci: [trying to get Mona Lisa to smile] Think of all the beautiful things Italy has. The Sistine Chapel, Florence, Venice, the countryside...
Mona Lisa: [Angrily stands up from her chair] All these things I have not seen, because you keep me here all day seated on my abbondanza!
Sherman: [shocked; to Mr. Peabody] I don't think that means "chair" in Italian.
View Quote Mr. Peabody: [to Leonardo; about Sherman] Why can't children be simple?
Leonardo: Children are not machines, Peabody. I tried to build one... It was creepy. [sputters at the thought]
View Quote Mr. Peabody: [To Sherman, who just returned from the WABAC room] I've really hit off with Penny's parents. I think we can file this night under "Unqualified Success".
Sherman: I'd hold off filing it just yet.
Mr. Peabody: What do you mean? [looks around] Where's Penny?
Sherman: [guiltily] Um... Ancient Egypt?
Mr. Peabody: [gasps in shock] You used the WABAC?! [growls in frustration]
Paul Peterson: What's happening, big guy? We're a little low.
Mr. Peabody: [continues growling in frustration, then turns to the Petersons] I'll be right there, Paul. [to Sherman; softly and angry] How could you do such a thing?!
Sherman: She called me a liar for saying George Washington never cut down a cherry tree!
Mr. Peabody: So you took her to see George Washington?!
Sherman: Yeah... She was into it.
View Quote Mr. Peabody: Thank you for taking care of my son, Agamemnon, but it is time for him to come home.
Sherman: Sorry, Mr. Peabody. I've joined the Greek Army.
Agamemnon: [lifts Sherman up to his shoulder] Shermanus is one of us, now. He's a brother.
Shermanus: I'm his brother.
Mr. Peabody: [protesting] He is my son.
Agamemnon: He took an oath!
Shermanus: I took an oath.
Mr. Peabody: He's 7!
Agamemnon: [Sherman whispers into his ear] And a half!
View Quote Sherman: [he and Penny discover Da Vinci's Workshop] It's like a museum.
Penny: It's like a toy store!
[They smile at each other]
View Quote Sherman: I'm sorry I broke the plane, Mr. Peabody.
Mr. Peabody: [angrily] Well, you should be! You could've been killed!
Penny: [outraged] What are you talking about?! Sherman flew a plane. [happily] He was amazing!
Mr. Peabody: Sherman destroyed a priceless historical artifact.
Penny: Whatever. You should be happy. Turns out that Sherman's not a complete and total loser after all.
Sherman: [stands up proudly] Yeah, Mr. Peabody! Turns out I'm not a complete and total loser after all.
[Peabody gives him a firm look and Sherman shrinks back into his seat]
Mr. Peabody: [to Penny] Miss Peterson, stop turning my son into a hooligan!
Penny: It's not my fault he's a hooligan.
Sherman: Yeah, it's not her fault I'm a hooligan.
Mr. Peabody: [raising his voice] Well, its certainly not my fault! I've spent the last 7 years teaching Sherman good judgment!
Penny: If you're such a great parent, why is Miss Grunion trying to take Sherman away from you?
[Mr. Peabody shrinks back and looks down sadly as Sherman goes into a deep shock]
Sherman: [gets up from his chair] Is that true? Is somebody gonna take me away from you?
Mr. Peabody: [regaining composure] No, Sherman. I'll never let that happen. You just need to trust me. Oh dear. A blackhole.
View Quote Sherman: No, I'm not.
View Quote Sherman: You know, Penny, Sigmund Freud says if you don't like a person, it's because they remind you of something you don't like about yourself.
Penny: [annoyed] What do you know about Sigmund Freud?
Sherman: More than you think.
Penny: [faces him; sarcastically] Sure. Just like you knew all that stuff about George Washington not really cutting down a cherry tree. [stands up from a chair] Ugh! What a crock!
Sherman: [defensively] But it's true!
Penny: How do you know?
Sherman: I just know!
Penny: Did you read it in a book?
Sherman: No.
Penny: See it in a movie?
Sherman: No.
Penny: Did your brainiac dad tell you?
Sherman: No!
Penny: [advances toward him, pointing a threatening finger at him] Then how do you know, Sherman? How... do... you... know?
Sherman: He told me!
Penny: Who told you?
Sherman: George Washington! [gasps, puts a hand over his mouth]
Penny: [in disbelief] George Washington?
Sherman: Yeah. [Covers his mouth again]
Penny: [Scoffs] Liar. [Sherman pauses for a minute after he accidentally told Penny, as he remembers what Peabody told him]
Mr. Peabody: [in Sherman's mind] Don't tell her about the WABAC.
Sherman: [At the WABAC tech center] "
View Quote [Agamemnon and his men are preparing to ambush the Trojans; Sherman tries to join up with him, but Peabody and Penny get in his way]
Agamemnon: Zeus on 3! 1...
Mr. Peabody: [Desperately] Sherman, I absolutely forbid you to fight in the Trojan War!
Sherman/Shermanus: [Defiantly] Its not fair! [Walks beside them] All my friends are fighting in the Trojan War.
Agamemnon: 2...
Mr. Peabody: Sherman, it's dangerous!
Sherman/Shermanus: I'm wearing a helmet!
Agamemnon: 3...!
Mr. Peabody: You're not going!
Shermanus: Oh, yes, I am!
Agamemnon: Zeus! [he, Sherman, and the Greeks begin to ambush the Trojans]
View Quote [As Mr. Peabody heads for Sherman's door to let him sleep]
Sherman: I love you, Mr. Peabody.
Mr. Peabody: [Brief pause] I have a deep regard for you, as well, Sherman. [Turns off the light and leaves the room]
View Quote [As Sherman heads for school]
Mr. Peabody: Sherman, wait!
Sherman: Yes, Mr. Peabody?
Mr. Peabody: I... I love you, Sherman. (And I'm sorry I called you a bad boy.)
Sherman: [smiles] I have a deep regard for you, as well, Mr. Peabody. [he and Mr. Peabody embrace]