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Lord of War

Lord of War quotes

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Agent Valentine
Simeon Weisz
Yuri Orlov

African Girl: Mr. White Man, will my arm grow back?

Monrovian Hotel Clerk (watching the OJ Simpson trial): When I get to America, I will not live in Brentwood.

Yuri Orlov: Beware of the Dog? You don't have a dog. Are you trying to scare people?
Vitaly Orlov: No, it's to scare me. Remind me to be aware of the dog in me. The dog that wants to **** everything that moves, wants to fight and kill weaker dogs. I guess it's to remind me to be more human.
Yuri Orlov: Isn't being a dog part of being human? What if that's the best part of you, the dog part? What if you're really just a two-legged dog?
Vitaly Orlov: You need to see somebody.

Anatoly Orlov: Is this how you want to be remembered?
Yuri Orlov: I don't want to be remembered at all. That means I'm dead.

Baptiste Jr.: Can you bring me the gun of Rambo?
Yuri: Part One, Two, or Three?
Baptiste Jr.: I've only seen Part One.
Yuri: The M-60. Would you like the armor piercing bullets?
Baptiste Jr.: Please.

Customs Officer: We're with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
Yuri Orlov: [morosely] Let me guess... this isn't about the alcohol or tobacco.

Prostitute (seducing Yuri): How can we make you happy?
Yuri: By leaving.

Yuri Orlov: Enjoy it.
Jack Valentine: What?
Yuri Orlov: This. Tell me I'm everything you despise. That I'm the personification of evil. That I'm what- responsible for the breakdown of the fabric of society and world order. I'm a one-man genocide. Say everything you want to say to me now. Because you don't have long.

Yuri: But in the Iran-Iraq War, you sold guns to both sides.
Simeon Weisz: Did you ever consider that I wanted both sides to lose?

Yuri [after Baptiste told him that he had been referred to as a "Lord of War"] : It's not Lord of War, it's "Warlord".
Baptiste: Thank you, but I prefer it my way.

Bullets change governments far surer than votes.

Funny how you always resort to your native tongue in times of anger. And in times of ecstasy.

I don't put a gun to anybody's hand and make them shoot. I admit, the shooting war is better for business, but I prefer people to fire my guns and miss, just as long as they keep firing.

I even shipped cargo to Afghanistan when they were fighting my fellow Soviets. I never sold to Osama Bin Laden. Not on any moral grounds, but because back then he was always bouncing cheques.

I had a flair for languages. But I soon discovered that what talks best is dollars, dinars, drachmas, rubles, rupis and pounds ****ing sterling.