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The Last Seduction

The Last Seduction quotes

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Bridget Gregory
Clay Gregory
Frank Griffith
Mike Swale

View Quote Bridget Gregory: Could you leave? Please?
Mike Swale: I haven't finished charming you yet.
Bridget Gregory: You haven't started.
Mike Swale: Gimme a chance.
Bridget Gregory: Look, go find yourself a nice little cowgirl and make nice little cowbabies and leave me alone.
Mike Swale: I'm hung like a horse. Think about it.
Bridget Gregory: Let's see.
Mike Swale: Excuse me?
Bridget Gregory: Mr. Ed, let's see.
Mike Swale: Look, I tried to be nice. I can see that's something you're not...
Bridget Gregory: No, I'm trying. I can be very nice when I try. Sit down.
Mike Swale: OK, maybe we just got off to a bad start. I know plenty of people -
[Bridget unzips his fly]
Mike Swale: What are you doing?
Bridget Gregory: I believe what we're looking for is a certain horse-like quality?
View Quote Bridget Gregory: You're my designated ****.
Mike Swale: Designated ****? Do they make cards for that? What if I want to be more than your designated ****?
Bridget Gregory: Then I'll designate someone else.
View Quote Harlan: How the **** do you stay up here? I mean, these people... I go in the store this morning for cigarettes, they got ducks under the counter. What, do they plant these people or do they just grow out of the ground? And they look at me like, hell, I don't know.
Bridget Gregory: Well, you know, they're not used to seeing guys like you around here, if you know what I mean. [pause] Is it true what they say?
Harlan: What?
Bridget Gregory: You know, size?
Harlan: Is it true what they say about white women?
Bridget Gregory: What's that?
Harlan: No ass.
Bridget Gregory: Oh, come on. I was wondering for real. Let me see it.
Harlan: **** you. Drive.
Bridget Gregory: I'm sorry.
Harlan: About what?
Bridget Gregory: About your shortcoming.
Harlan: I'm not gonna play this game.
Bridget Gregory: Is that why you carry a big gun?
Harlan: The Freudian mind-**** isn't gonna work either.
Bridget Gregory: Ooh, touchy. I'm sure your woman is very understanding.
Harlan: Exactly how is it that we end this phase of our relationship?
Bridget Gregory: By you showing it to me. Come on, let me see it. I've never seen one before. [pause] I'll show you my ass.
Harlan: What makes you think I wanna see your bony ass?
Bridget Gregory: Show me.
Harlan: Show me.
Bridget Gregory: I'm driving. You go first.
Harlan: No, you go first. [pause] You'll shut the **** up if I show you?
Bridget Gregory: I'm sure I'll be too stunned to speak.
Harlan: I don't believe this. You're crazy. Shit. [he exposes himself] Okay, there, you happy?
View Quote Mike Swale: Grow up.
Chris: What? Did you leave your dick in Buffalo?
Mike Swale: Chris, these women are anchors.
Chris: Here he goes again.
Mike Swale: How many guys in this bar have felt her up?
Chris: All of them.
Mike Swale: Right. And how many have gone home with her, how many guys have slept with her?
Chris: None, including yourself.
Mike Swale: Right, I rest my case.
Chris: Don't rest it too long, 'cause I promise you it will fall off.
View Quote Mike Swale: I'm starting to feel like a...
Bridget Gregory: Sex object?
View Quote Mike Swale: I'm trying to figure out whether you're a total ****ing bitch or not.
Bridget Gregory: I am a total ****ing bitch.
View Quote [to Bridget] Anyone check you for a heartbeat recently?
View Quote [to Bridget] I borrowed 100K from a man whose first and last names end in vowels, and every week I owe him a new thousand dollars in interest. And when I come up just a little short, he's got this very fun game that he likes to play with thumbs. I hired a private detective for fifty percent, but now that I know where you are, I am perfectly willing to spend all the money I have in hiring a clinical sociopath to take it from you, and **** you through the eye socket just for fun!
View Quote As far as you're concerned any sex we had is entirely a product of your imagination.
View Quote Maybe it's my quaint small town morals, but I don't do murder.
View Quote Who's a girl gotta suck around here to get a drink?