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Just Like Heaven

Just Like Heaven quotes

52 total quotes

David Abbot
Elizabeth Masterson
Jack Houriskey
Multiple Characters

View Quote ... because one day, trust me, I'm gonna need help movin' a body, and when that day comes, I don't want to hear any shit from you.
View Quote Abby: I will chop you! I swear, I will chop you! [while wielding a meat cleaver]
View Quote Abby: Who put SpongeBob in the pasta?!
View Quote Brett: We sometimes find it's best to just ask God's forgiveness and not prolong the inevitable.
View Quote Dr. Walsh: Unlike some others, you spend more time being concerned with what's best for the patient than kissing my ass. A risky move, but I like it.
View Quote Dry cleaner: I think of her, I think of… sadness. Loneliness.
View Quote Fran: It would have been so awful if she'd gone through her whole life not knowing what it was all about.
View Quote Darryl: So what kind of encounter have you had?
David: Encounter?
Darryl: Ectoplasm? Soniferous ether? I have a killer s?ance book if you're into communication.
David: Communicating is not her problem.
View Quote David: Are-are-are you here? Come on, I think you're here. [waits] Okay. I've got a hot, moist cup of coffee in my hand. There is no coaster on this table. I'm going to set it down on this lovely mahogany—
Elizabeth: [appearing from nowhere] Don't you dare!
David: Ah! We-we need to talk.
View Quote David: I'm trying to help you face the fact that you are—
Elizabeth: I'm not dead!
David: Look around you. There should be a bright light nearby.
Elizabeth: There's no light.
David: Walk into the light, Elizabeth!
Elizabeth: There is no light! I am not dead. I think I would know if I was dead. [looks down and notices a table bisecting her at the waist] What's happening to me?!
David: You're DEAD!
View Quote David: Let me ask you, has anything, uh, dramatic happened to you recently?
Elizabeth: Like what?
David: I don't know, like… dying, maybe?
View Quote Elizabeth: All I know is-is when I'm not with you it's like I don't… exist. Oh, my God. Maybe I am dead.
David: Oh, come on now. I'm, I'm sorry I said you were dead. Maybe you're not dead. Maybe you're just very… light.
View Quote Elizabeth: Look, you have two realities to choose from. First one being that a woman has come into your life in a very unconventional way, and she happens to need your assistance.
David: Right.
Elizabeth: The second one is that you're an insane person, and you're sitting on a park bench right now talking to yourself.
David: I think I prefer the first one.
View Quote Jack: Fine,fine. If she is really there tell me, tell me what I have behind my back. Rock, paper, or scissor.
Elizabeth: Rock!
David: Rock!
Elizabeth: Scissors!
David: Scissors!
Elizabeth: Paper!
David: Paper!
Elizabeth: Rock, again!
David: Rock,again!
[Jack puts up the middle finger behind his back.]
Elizabeth: He's flipping me off.
David: Are you flipping her off?
View Quote [After downstairs neighbor Katrina flirts outrageously with David.]
Elizabeth: You don't think she was completely un-classy and predatory?
David: Those happen to be two of men's favorite things.