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House of Bloo's quotes

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View Quote Bloo: Uhm, nice girl, cute girl. Stay away now. Go on, shoo, shoo.
Bloo: Yes. No. What? Uhm uh. AAAAAAAAHHH.
[Bloo's call for help was soon answered when a purple blur swooped him up and away, and disappeared with him in the blink of an eye. But the girl wasn't giving up that easily, music starts playing and the chase begins, we see Eduardo running away with Bloo. Eduardo held him in his arms and he was sprinting down the halls…but he also didn't look where he was going, so he soon crashed his giant horns into a double-layer door. And that was when the bottom half of the door opened and stole Bloo from Eduardo. But when he did, Eduardo got angry and broke his horns free, only to crash into the wall again]
Millionaire Daughter: Get back here with my Tiffany!
[We see Wilt with Bloo running away from the girl. Coco trips Wilt and takes Bloo, we see Wilt with Bloo running away from the girl, he tricked her by turning on a sharp corner and into another hall, but he wasn't quick enough for Coco as she raised a leg and tripped him; causing him to tumble like a rolling ball with Bloo luckily kept safe in his one arm. And as Wilt was so dazed, he was seeing bacon and eggs, Coco was easily able to take Bloo from him and place him on the back of her plane body and run off with him. But it was then that girl came running in]
Millionaire Daughter: [to Wilt] Where is my Tiffany, you freak?!
[Eduardo takes Bloo away from Coco, followed by a long jump from Wilt, who takes Bloo back again, now dribbling him like a basketball]
Wilt: Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
Millionaire Daughter: [screaming] I'll have my friend, you broken big tall!
[They run past each other]
Millionaire Daughter: No fair!
[Coco takes Bloo away from Wilt who failed to stop in front of her, sliding down the hallway. Coco then falls down the stairs, and Eduardo was downstairs on the bottom. But Eduardo didn't catch Coco, he only caught Bloo so he could once again run off with him. And poor Coco landed face-first on the floor. But Eduardo wasn't alone at the bottom of the stairs]
Millionaire Daughter: Rawr!
[Eduardo runs away from the girl. Wilt stretches his arm and takes Bloo away]
Wilt: [balances Bloo like a ball on his fingertip, with his teeth grinned] Sorry, sorry, sorry.
[Wilt is then again chased by the girl, Eduardo and Coco, Bloo switches between them a lot. They get into an elevator and when getting out of it, with Eduardo rubbing his own head]
Wilt: Sorry!
[The scene is followed by a typical chasing scene, where everyone runs through different doors in different constellations. Jackie Khones just stands outside the doors with a cup of coffee, while Bloo, Coco, the girl, Wilt, and Eduardo pop their heads out and glare at him as he leaves. They continue running through the doors until Bloo comes out of a door, holding up the girl]
Millionaire Daughter: Hi, Tiffany.
Bloo: AAH!
[Wilt, Coco and Eduardo would chase them. But the three of them accidentally tumbled on top of each other when they tried to round a corner, so that left Bloo alone to deal with the girl…and he came up to a dead-end. The girl has him finally trapped]
View Quote Coco: Coco?
Mac: No, thanks.
Coco: Coco?
Bloo: Yes!
Coco: Coco?
Bloo: Yes!
Coco: Coco?
Bloo: Yes!
Coco: Coco?
Bloo: Yes!
Coco: Coco?
Bloo: [shouts] Yes!
Coco: Coco?
Bloo: [shouts] Yes! With marshmallows!
Wilt: Oh, no, Bloo. This is Coco. She wasn't asking you if you wanted cocoa, it's just that... well, all she ever says is "Coco."
Coco: Coco!
Bloo: Then what was she asking?
Wilt: [imitating Groucho Marx] You want any juice?
View Quote Frankie: [comes down the stairs with George Mucus, wearing a wrapped up bandage on his arm] Now you know why you're not supposed to run around with Scissors? Scissors? Scissors?
Scissors: [enters the foyer] Yeah?
Frankie: Scissors, what do you say?
Scissors: I'm sorry.
Frankie: Okay, go play. DON'T RUN!
View Quote Frankie: I guess Extemeasauruses don't have much of a taste for something so, [referring to Duchess] spoiled-
Mr. Herriman: [referring to Terrence] Rotten.
View Quote Frankie: I'm sorry, sweetums, you see, Bloo was Mac's idea and since Mac's here, Bloo is no longer up for adoption. You can still have Duchess if you like. Come on, Duchess is great. Don't you want her? Take her. Take her, pleeeeaase take her!!
Millionaire Daughter: [turns around and leaves] NO! I HATE HER!
Frankie: So do I.
Millionaire Father: Come on, sweetums, maybe you can imagine your own friend, just like Tiffany.
Millionaire Daughter: Shut up, Dad. You know thinking makes my head hurt.
Millionaire Mother: Mine, too. Let's just get her a another pony.
[The family leaves, but neither Duchess nor Frankie could believe that she was so close to finally getting adopted]
Duchess: This is unacceptable!
Frankie: I'll say! They almost took you!
Duchess: But that wonderful awfully little brat wanted that stupid little blue creep over me!
Frankie: Tell me about it. She ruined everything!
Duchess: And he ruined my one chance to get out of this dump once and for all.
Frankie: I know. It was a chance of a lifetime. I mean you could've been outta here forever!
Duchess: Well, I guess there is no accounting for taste. They obviously cannot appreciate a true piece of art, such as myself.
Frankie: Obviously not. And you sure are a piece of work.
Duchess: Thank you. (she leaves)
View Quote Frankie: Mac, Bloo, Foster’s is a "foster" home. It's not a boarding house. If you leave Bloo here, you can't come see him, because he won't be yours anymore.
Mac: What?
Frankie: He will be put up for adoption, like everybody else here.
Bloo: [horrified shock] ADOPTION?!
Wilt: Yeah. For one reason or another, we've all been given up by our creators, and as much as we all love living here, what we really want is to be adopted by a new kid who needs an imaginary friend.
Bloo: Well then, forget it. As cool as this place is, adoption's not an option. Come on, Mac, let's go.
Mac: Wait.
Bloo: What?! Come on, Mac, adoption?
Mac I know, but what else can I do? Mom said.
Bloo: But-
Mac: But don't worry, I'm not giving you up. Just stay here until I can think of a better idea. If I come back tomorrow-
Frankie: He's still yours, but if a kid shows up and wants him, and you're not here, he will be adopted.
Mac: Okay.
Bloo: Okay? OKAY?!
Mac: Don't worry, I will be here. [Bloo holds his arms out for a hug] A hug? I umm...I got these uhh, Sorry. [leaves] I'll be back. I promise!
View Quote Frankie: Sorry, sorry. I got stuck in traffic. How can I help you?
Millionaire Father: My daughter is in need of an imaginary friend.
Millionaire Mother: Yes, and whenever she tried to create one of her own, she gets a headache!
Millionaire Daughter: Nuh-uh. Shut up, Mom! I just think I shouldn't waste my time making one up when I can just buy one.
Frankie: Well, having an imaginary friend is not like buying a toy. It's a big responsi...
Millionaire Daughter: Ya-ya whatever. Just get me a friend, okay?! And don't give me a cheap one either. I want the best one you got. YOU GOT IT?!
Frankie: [threateningly] Ohh, you're gonna get it.
Millionaire Daughter: [shouts] WHAT?!
Frankie: Oh nothing. Nothing.
Millionaire Father: So, miss, do you have a friend for my precious little sweetie or what?
Frankie: Well, uhm. Look, at heart, most of our friends are really nice and your kid is a real... Look, how am I gonna put this. Friendship is- no that's not it. Listen, to be honest, I really don't think we have a...
Duchess: Out of my way, out of my way!
View Quote Mac: [burst in through the doors] BLOO!
Frankie: He's gone, Mac. He's--
Eduardo: [bursts out crying] BEEN ADOPTED!!!
Mac: Yeah, yeah, I know, who cares? Now-
Wilt: Mac! You-You heartless jerk! Sorry, sorry. NO I'M NOT SORRY! Is that okay, that I'm not sorry?
Mac: It's fine. Now look, we gotta try and get him back 'cause--
Coco: [angrily interrupts squawking] Co co cococococo. CO- CO. Coco coco co!
Frankie: You go, girl!
Coco: Coo Co! Cocococococo. Coco coco coco. Cocococococococo coco coco co Coco co co. Coo Co! [short pause] COCO!
Mac: I assume that had something to do with "If you gotta show up late, you have to accept the consequences and you friend may have been adopted and you can't get him back and responsibility and bla bla bla bla bla.” But that's just it! I'm late because the kid that adopted Bloo is a total jerk, ‘cause-
Mr. Herriman: [comes out of his office] Master Mac! The young man who adopted Bloo, is by no means a jerk. Ahem, excuse me, a juvenile delinquent. He was, in fact, one of the most well behaved children, I have ever had the pleasure dealing with. And furthermore, if you're going to come in late, you must accept that--
Frankie: We've already been through that.
Mr. Herriman: What? Who?
Eduardo: Coco. She explained.
Mr. Herriman: And Master Mac understood her?
Wilt: Well, yeah, he is a smart kid.
Eduardo: Sí, he create Bloo. He has good head on shoulders.
Mr. Herriman: Most impressive. I guess the child is quite bright.
Wilt: Oh yeah.
Eduardo: Sí.
Coco: Coco.
Frankie: Totally.
Mr. Herriman: Hm.
Wilt: Yap.
Eduardo: Muy bueno.
Coco: Coco.
Frankie: I'll say.
Mr. Herriman: Ah.
Wilt: Sure is.
Eduardo: It's true.
Coco: Coco.
Frankie: Right.
Mr. Herriman: Hm.
Mac: YES! Fine, we got it, I'm a super smart kid, okay? Great! But there’s one thing I can't figure out. I know for a fact that Bloo was not adopted by a nice kid, but instead he was adopted by my horrible older brother, Terrence, who locked me in a closet all day, so he can come here and get Bloo. The problem is, Terrence is stupid. Not just "stupid stupid", but really stupid. He'd never be able to devise a plan like this, so he must be working with somebody. Somebody who could and would wanna get rid of Bloo once and for all. B-b-but what I can't figure out is who. Who would wanna get rid of Bloo?
[Everyone stands in front of the open, empty Extremeasaur cage]
Frankie: DUCHESS!!!!!!
View Quote Mac: All right, guys! Let's bloo this!
Wilt: Aww, Man! I'm sorry, but that was not OK!
Eduardo: Muy stinko!
Coco: [shouts] Coco!
Terrence: Lame! That was stupider than even me!
Bloo: Yeah, Mac! "Let's bloo this?" C'mon, man. That's really stupid!
View Quote Mother: [opens the front door with grocery bags; looks at all the broken furniture] Mac, Bloo!
Mac: Mom, it's what you--
Bloo: Yeah, Terrence! He was throwing--
Terrence: [pretending to be whiny] Mommy, Mommy! Mac and Bloo are being mean to me! [grabs his mother around her waist] I was being a good boy looking after my sweet, little brother when all of a sudden his crazy, imaginary friend Bloo went insane and started to tear the house apart! I tried to stop him but when Mac joined in they started beating on me! If it wasn't for you coming home there's no telling what they would have done to me! Oh, thank you for saving me, Mommy!
Mac: [angrily annoyed] What?!
Bloo: That is so not what happened! Terrence--
Mother: Is the oldest and is in charge of this house when I'm not at home.
Terrence: Ha!
Mother: And I expect him to act like the oldest and set a good example by telling the truth.
Mac & Bloo: Ha!
Terrence: But, Mommy, I was telling--
Mother: Terrence, you expect me to believe that a 13-year-old boy was overpowered by his 8-year-old brother and his cute little imaginary friend?
Bloo: Yeah. Mac's a wimp.
Mac: And Bloo's spineless.
Terrence: But, Mom...
Mother: [sighs] Terrence, I've had a long day, and I'm too tired to deal with your made-up sob stories. Just go to your room. [Terrence obeys annoyingly while Mac and Bloo laugh and tease at him] Mac, Bloo, that's enough.
Mac: But--
Bloo: Terrence--
Mother: Is not the only one at fault here. I'm fed up with the three of you always fighting. We need to talk.
Bloo: Okay, sure. Come on, Mac.
Mother: No, Bloo. I need to talk to Mac...alone.
Bloo: It's okay, Mac, I'll be right here, I'm not going anywhere.
[Mac walks sadly to his bedroom, his mother closes the door behind them as Bloo's happy look changes to a sad one; Mac and his mother sit on his bunk bed having a talk]
Mother: Mac, now you know how tired I am of you three fighting.
Mac: But it was Terrence. He always picks on me and treats me like a baby.
Mother: And why do you think he does that?
Mac: ’Cause he's a jerk?
Mother: Well, yes, but, can you think of any other reasons?
Mac: Uhh...
Mother: Maybe because of Bloo?
Mac: Bloo? Why?
Mother: Because, Mac, you're 8-years-old, and you still have your imaginary friend.
Mac: So what? Lots of kids have their own imaginary friends. You see them every day on the streets, or in the stores. You even had one when you were little.
Mother: Yes, when I was little, but by the time when I was your age, I didn't need my imaginary friend anymore.
Mac: What are you saying?
[Bloo hears and listens through the door]
Mother: I think it's time you got rid of Bloo.
Mac: WHAT?!?
Mother: I'm sorry, Mac, I just think it's time. You need to grow up and be a big boy, and say goodbye to Bloo.
Mac: But, Mom, it's not fair! We're best friends. We'll be good. I-I-I'll keep him locked in my room! M-Mom, PLEASE!
Mother: Mac, no, stop it. This isn't about you promising to be good or keeping Bloo locked up. The fact is, you're a big boy now, and you’re too old for him.
Mac: But--
Mother: My decision is final. You have got to get rid of Bloo. I'm sorry, Mac. [opens the door and leaves as Bloo falls on the floor looking completely shocked] Oh, sorry, Bloo.
Terrence: [shoots a spitwad at Bloo in the eye and snickers maliciously] Hasta la bye-bye.
View Quote Terrence: Wait, stop! I just wanna punch you!
View Quote Terrence: You... Bloofus! Heh ha heh ha!
Bloo: [stops running for what he heard in anger] Bloofus?! Bloofus?
Mac: His name is Blooregard Q. Kazoo, and you know it, Terrence!
Bloo: Right, right, or Blooey, Bloo the Blue Dude, El Blooderino, or hey, how 'bout just Bloo? Heh! But come on, man, Bloofus? Heh! How stupid can you get?
Terrence: Look, no STUPID imaginary friend of my STUPID little brother is gonna tell me how STUPID I am, cause I know just how STUPID I-- [sees Mac and Bloo are about to burst out laughing] SHUT UP!
View Quote Wilt: Big, small, young, old.
Mr. Herriman: [offended] Why, I never.
Wilt: Happy, sad, good, bad.
Duchess: [offended as well] Well, I never.
View Quote Wilt: Oh guys, this is Eduardo. He's one of the nicest imaginary friends here at Foster's! He couldn't hurt a fly!
Eduardo: Oh si, I'm too scared of them anyway!
View Quote [In Mr. Herriman’s office, he gives the millionaire family a form to sign and adopt Duchess]
Mr. Herriman: Very well, if you just sign here, Duchess will be all yours.
Frankie: Yes!
Duchess: Yes, indeed. For you making a very wise investment. As I am a work of art.
[Frankie sticks her tongue out; the daughter kicks doors open, still holding Bloo]
Millionaire Father: Hello, sweetums, here’s your new imaginary friend.
Millionaire Mother: Duchess.
[Duchess smiles at the daughter to impress her]
Millionaire Daughter: [off-screen] Eww, she's ugly I hate her! [her sudden reaction to Duchess not only surprised Duchess, but also made Frankie try to stifle laugh] I want this one!
Bloo: No, you don't. I smell!
Wilt: [comes in the office] Yeah, yeah, he smells, really, really bad. Whooh, he's a stinky, stinky man. [grabs Bloo and smells him] Peeehhhh-yew. [to Bloo] I'm so sorry.
Millionaire Daughter: Nuh-uh! [grabs Bloo and sniffs him] Tiffany smells nice!
Bloo: Thank you, but, but I'm a vicious monster!
Eduardo: Sí, vamos chica, vamos, he loco. [Eduardo acted as he let go of Bloo for him to bring out his teeth and claws as he lathed onto his upper-arm. But Eduardo wasn't hurt because of his thick fur and because he would be in a lot worse pain if Bloo was actually trying to hurt him] Help me, help me I am being attacked by a vicious monstro!
Bloo: [with his teeth still biting Eduardo] Rawwwr. Rawwr.
Millionaire Daughter: Look, stupid, you call this vicious?
Coco: Cocococococo. Co cocococo cococococo coco co cococo co co. Cococo cococo co CO CO!!
Bloo: Exactly!
Millionaire Daughter: [not understanding Coco] What? No, I don't want any cocoa, I just want my Tiffany.
All: [get on their knees and start begging the girl to take one of them] No, take me! / Take me, take me!
Millionaire Daughter: No. [to Wilt] You're broken. [to Eduardo] You're a chicken, [to Coco] and you’re uh- a crazy chicken! I want this one.
Mr. Herriman: Very well.
All: [losing Bloo sadly] Noooooooo!!!
Frankie: Okay, guys, that's enough. I'm really sorry. I know you all wanna help but this little girl here really wants Tiff- I mean Bloo and..
Bloo: Then I guess it's true. Mac doesn't want me after all.
Mac: [off-screen] Shut up. [in front of the doors] Don’t want you? What, are you crazy!
Bloo: [surprised] Mac!
Frankie: [impressingly surprised] Well, what do you know?