N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

[In Mr. Herriman’s office, he gives the millionaire family a form to sign and adopt Duchess]
Mr. Herriman: Very well, if you just sign here, Duchess will be all yours.
Frankie: Yes!
Duchess: Yes, indeed. For you making a very wise investment. As I am a work of art.
[Frankie sticks her tongue out; the daughter kicks doors open, still holding Bloo]
Millionaire Father: Hello, sweetums, here’s your new imaginary friend.
Millionaire Mother: Duchess.
[Duchess smiles at the daughter to impress her]
Millionaire Daughter: [off-screen] Eww, she's ugly I hate her! [her sudden reaction to Duchess not only surprised Duchess, but also made Frankie try to stifle laugh] I want this one!
Bloo: No, you don't. I smell!
Wilt: [comes in the office] Yeah, yeah, he smells, really, really bad. Whooh, he's a stinky, stinky man. [grabs Bloo and smells him] Peeehhhh-yew. [to Bloo] I'm so sorry.
Millionaire Daughter: Nuh-uh! [grabs Bloo and sniffs him] Tiffany smells nice!
Bloo: Thank you, but, but I'm a vicious monster!
Eduardo: Sí, vamos chica, vamos, he loco. [Eduardo acted as he let go of Bloo for him to bring out his teeth and claws as he lathed onto his upper-arm. But Eduardo wasn't hurt because of his thick fur and because he would be in a lot worse pain if Bloo was actually trying to hurt him] Help me, help me I am being attacked by a vicious monstro!
Bloo: [with his teeth still biting Eduardo] Rawwwr. Rawwr.
Millionaire Daughter: Look, stupid, you call this vicious?
Coco: Cocococococo. Co cocococo cococococo coco co cococo co co. Cococo cococo co CO CO!!
Bloo: Exactly!
Millionaire Daughter: [not understanding Coco] What? No, I don't want any cocoa, I just want my Tiffany.
All: [get on their knees and start begging the girl to take one of them] No, take me! / Take me, take me!
Millionaire Daughter: No. [to Wilt] You're broken. [to Eduardo] You're a chicken, [to Coco] and you’re uh- a crazy chicken! I want this one.
Mr. Herriman: Very well.
All: [losing Bloo sadly] Noooooooo!!!
Frankie: Okay, guys, that's enough. I'm really sorry. I know you all wanna help but this little girl here really wants Tiff- I mean Bloo and..
Bloo: Then I guess it's true. Mac doesn't want me after all.
Mac: [off-screen] Shut up. [in front of the doors] Don’t want you? What, are you crazy!
Bloo: [surprised] Mac!
Frankie: [impressingly surprised] Well, what do you know?

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