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Mother: [opens the front door with grocery bags; looks at all the broken furniture] Mac, Bloo!
Mac: Mom, it's what you--
Bloo: Yeah, Terrence! He was throwing--
Terrence: [pretending to be whiny] Mommy, Mommy! Mac and Bloo are being mean to me! [grabs his mother around her waist] I was being a good boy looking after my sweet, little brother when all of a sudden his crazy, imaginary friend Bloo went insane and started to tear the house apart! I tried to stop him but when Mac joined in they started beating on me! If it wasn't for you coming home there's no telling what they would have done to me! Oh, thank you for saving me, Mommy!
Mac: [angrily annoyed] What?!
Bloo: That is so not what happened! Terrence--
Mother: Is the oldest and is in charge of this house when I'm not at home.
Terrence: Ha!
Mother: And I expect him to act like the oldest and set a good example by telling the truth.
Mac & Bloo: Ha!
Terrence: But, Mommy, I was telling--
Mother: Terrence, you expect me to believe that a 13-year-old boy was overpowered by his 8-year-old brother and his cute little imaginary friend?
Bloo: Yeah. Mac's a wimp.
Mac: And Bloo's spineless.
Terrence: But, Mom...
Mother: [sighs] Terrence, I've had a long day, and I'm too tired to deal with your made-up sob stories. Just go to your room. [Terrence obeys annoyingly while Mac and Bloo laugh and tease at him] Mac, Bloo, that's enough.
Mac: But--
Bloo: Terrence--
Mother: Is not the only one at fault here. I'm fed up with the three of you always fighting. We need to talk.
Bloo: Okay, sure. Come on, Mac.
Mother: No, Bloo. I need to talk to Mac...alone.
Bloo: It's okay, Mac, I'll be right here, I'm not going anywhere.
[Mac walks sadly to his bedroom, his mother closes the door behind them as Bloo's happy look changes to a sad one; Mac and his mother sit on his bunk bed having a talk]
Mother: Mac, now you know how tired I am of you three fighting.
Mac: But it was Terrence. He always picks on me and treats me like a baby.
Mother: And why do you think he does that?
Mac: ’Cause he's a jerk?
Mother: Well, yes, but, can you think of any other reasons?
Mac: Uhh...
Mother: Maybe because of Bloo?
Mac: Bloo? Why?
Mother: Because, Mac, you're 8-years-old, and you still have your imaginary friend.
Mac: So what? Lots of kids have their own imaginary friends. You see them every day on the streets, or in the stores. You even had one when you were little.
Mother: Yes, when I was little, but by the time when I was your age, I didn't need my imaginary friend anymore.
Mac: What are you saying?
[Bloo hears and listens through the door]
Mother: I think it's time you got rid of Bloo.
Mac: WHAT?!?
Mother: I'm sorry, Mac, I just think it's time. You need to grow up and be a big boy, and say goodbye to Bloo.
Mac: But, Mom, it's not fair! We're best friends. We'll be good. I-I-I'll keep him locked in my room! M-Mom, PLEASE!
Mother: Mac, no, stop it. This isn't about you promising to be good or keeping Bloo locked up. The fact is, you're a big boy now, and you’re too old for him.
Mac: But--
Mother: My decision is final. You have got to get rid of Bloo. I'm sorry, Mac. [opens the door and leaves as Bloo falls on the floor looking completely shocked] Oh, sorry, Bloo.
Terrence: [shoots a spitwad at Bloo in the eye and snickers maliciously] Hasta la bye-bye.

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