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Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Hellboy II: The Golden Army quotes

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Prince Nuada
Tom Manning

View Quote Goblin: [Taking the group to the resting place of the Golden Army] Here we are– and there they are. Seventy times seventy soldiers. Sometimes I wish we'd never created them. Bim-bam went the hammers! Whoosh went the furnaces! One of those fires took my legs off. This is as far as I go. I'm not very good with steps. But if you're here to stop him, the Prince, I wish you luck. The Golden Army must not awaken. Undo what we did.
View Quote WHAT'S MY FLAW?!
View Quote Jimmy Kimmel: [On television; referring to Abe Sapien] And what about, what about this guy? Walking around with a toilet seat on his head.
Hellboy: [Laughs] A toilet seat!
Abe: [Defensive] It's quite obvious it's a breathing apparatus!
Hellboy: Hey, I think we gotta lose the garbage truck. Sends out the wrong signal. [Laughs at television]
Abe: Oh, you think that's our problem? Transportation? Hah.
View Quote Krauss: [Krauss speaks with a German accent] Damen und Herren, Johann Krauss at your service.
Abe: [Whispers to Hellboy] I like him.
View Quote Manning: What's going on? What's going on?
Hellboy: I quit. [Hands over his belt and weapons]
Manning: What? Are you serious?
Liz: Looks that way doesn't it? [Gives Manning her belt and weapon]
Manning: What's wrong with you? You can't all just quit.
Abe: [Hands over his belt and weapons & pats Manning on the cheek] Watch us.
Hellboy: [Comes back] On second thought– [Takes his massive 'Samaritan' revolver] –I think I'll keep this.
Manning: Come on. Come on! Johann, they can't do this. Stop them.
Krauss: Dr. Manning, suck my ectoplasmic schwanzstucker! [Leaves with the others]
View Quote Prince Nuada: You're here. So, I assume you brought the remaining piece.
Krauss: No, we didn't, but we should discuss–
Prince Nuada: I'm not addressing you, Tin Man. Abraham.
Hellboy: [Whispers to self] Abraham?
[Abe walks forward to face Prince Nuada.]
Prince Nuada: My sister is well–
Hellboy: Abe?
Prince Nuada: As I promised, so.
Princess Nuala: [Speaking Gaelic; subtitles] Don't do it.
[Abe reveals the crest of the Golden Army crown to Nuada.]
Hellboy: What the hell are you doing?!
Abe: You would do the exact same for Liz.
Krauss: Agent Sapien, NO!
[Abe throws the crest to Prince Nuada. Prince Nuada catches it.]
View Quote Princess Nuala: [With the others in the meat-locker] To wage his war, my brother needs this. [Holding the crown piece and cylinder] The final piece of the crown of BethMora and this map to the location of the Golden Army chamber.
Krauss: The Golden Army. The harbingers of death, the unstoppable tide–
Hellboy: [Under his breath] Howdy Doody.
Krauss: Your Highness, if you hand the crown piece over to us–
Princess Nuala: No. Where it goes, I go. My father died to uphold the truce with your world. We must honor his noble intentions.
Abe: The lady is in dire danger.
Krauss: I take is your are vouching for her, Agent Sapien?
Abe: Most emphatically, yes.
Krauss: Even so– I am sorry, but we simply cannot assume such responsibility on our own.
Hellboy: [Getting in Johann's face] Lady just lost her father, what more do you want?
Krauss: You may not care, but there are procedures, rules, and little handbooks that–
Hellboy: She's coming with us. You got that, gasbag?
Johann Krauss: (offended) What– what did you call me?!
Prince Nuada: (from behind the group) You! You will pay for what happened to my friend down there.
Hellboy: (Turning to face him, sarcastically) Yeah, right. You take checks?
Prince Nuada: (Enraged) Demon. Born from a womb of shadows, sent to destroy their world, and you still believe you belong?
Hellboy: Are we going to talk all night? Because I'm really sleepy.
View Quote Professor Trevor Bruttenholm: It is said that at the dawn of time, man, beast, and all magical beings lived together under Aeglin, the Father Tree. But man had been created with a hole in his heart, a hole that no possession, power, or knowledge could fill. And in his infinite greed, man dreamed of expanding his dominion over the entire earth. The blood of many an elf, ogre, and goblin spilled in their war with man, and King Balor, the one-armed king of Elfland watched the slaughter in dread and despair. But one day, the master of the goblin blacksmiths offered to build the king a golden mechanical army, seventy times seventy soldiers, that would never know hunger, and could not be stopped. Prince Nuada begged his father to agree. "Build me this army," the king said. And so, a magical crown was forged that would allow those of royal blood to command the Golden Army, if unchallenged. "I am King Balor, leader of the Golden Army." "Is there anyone who disputes my right?" And in his throne room, no one challenged his word. So the world was changed and the next time the humans marched, they felt the earth tremble beneath their feet and saw the sky darkened with monstrous shapes. The Golden Army have no remorse, felt no loyalty for pain. And King Balor's heart grew heavy in regret, so he called a truce. And divided the crown in three pieces, one for the humans and two for himself. In exchange, man would keep to the cities and the magical beings would own the forests. This truce would be honor by their sons and the sons of their sons until the end of time, but Prince Nuada did not believe in the promises of man. And it is said that he went into exile, vowing to return the day his people needed him most. So the Golden Army laid dormant, locked inside the earth– Waiting– And there it is to this day, awaiting the day the crown is made whole again. Silent, still– and indestructible.
View Quote [After starting the plane, Abe meets up with Hellboy and Liz.]
Abe: We need to leave now, before they run our clearance upstairs.
Krauss: [Walks up to Hellboy, Liz, and Abe] Guten Abend, meine Freunde. (Translation: "Good evening, my friends.") Do you have authorization to take that plane?
Liz: [Takes her gun out of her holster] You're not gonna stop us, Johann.
Krauss: [Stops walking] On the contrary, I've been giving it some thought, and we should be able to save Agent Hellboy.
[Krauss throws his red valvet bag to Abe. Abe catches it.]
Krauss: You say I'm not human anymore, but you are wrong.
[Abe shakes two rings out of the bag.]
Krauss: I understand you pain all too well. A long time ago, I lost the woman I loved. And that was, in fact, the source of my present misfortune.
[Abe picks a ring up and looks at it.]
Krauss: I will tell you about it one day. But for now, the tactical advantage is ours. Consider this, the prince lacks the crown piece, and without it, his army poses no threat.
Liz: So we have clearance, then?
Krauss: Agent Sherman, Liz, screw ze clearance! We will take zat plane!
[Liz smiles.]
View Quote [Hellboy and Abe's singing echoes throughout the corridors and rooms of their paranormal headquarters]
Now it all seems light-years away,
And now you know I can't smile without you;
I can't smile without you.
View Quote [Krauss runs into Hellboy in a locker room]
Krauss: Gute nacht, Agent Hellboy. [Hellboy gives him an annoyed look] Look, Agent, I know you don't like me, but I could take away your badge.
Hellboy: Never had one. Kept asking, though.
Krauss: You will learn to obey me, follow protocol and stay fockused at all times!
Hellboy: Oh, that word – "fock-yused"? Yeah, with your accent, I wouldn't use it that much.
Krauss: I knew Professor Broom, young man.
Hellboy: You didn't know Professor Broom.
Krauss: Yes, I did!
Hellboy: [Dismissively] Shut up.
Krauss: After my accident–
Hellboy: Shut up!
Krauss: ...he designed this containment suit. A wonderful man. And even then he was worried about your future. He–
Hellboy: [Pointing at him angrily] Hey, gasbag, stop it! Right now.
Krauss: Or what? Are you threatening me? Because I think I can take you.
Hellboy: Excuse me?
Krauss: You heard me.
Hellboy: [Stepping towards him] I couldn't hear you from all the way over there.
Krauss: I can take you. Because you have one fatal flaw.
Hellboy: Oh, I wanna hear it.
Krauss: [Chuckling] No, you don't! You can't take criticism.
Hellboy: Try me.
Krauss: [Pokes Hellboy mockingly] Can't take it.
Hellboy: [Growls and gets right in Johann's face] WHAT'S MY FLAW?!
Krauss: Your temper! It gets the best of you. Makes you weak, makes you vulnerable–
[Hellboy punches Johann, smashing his glass headpiece and letting his gaseous form flow out; it vanishes under the lockers, while his suit slumps onto the floor]
Hellboy: Oh, crap– Johann? Johann? Johann? Hey, Johann? [Glances around uneasily] C'mon, pal, hang in there, will ya? Johann? Johann! [Giving up, he leans against the lockers] ...Damn. [sips from a can of beer; suddenly, a locker door slams into his face] –Ow.
[More locker doors slam into him en masse, knocking him to the floor, where one leaves itself with an indent of his face; he then sits on a bench, inspects the can and tosses it away after finding it emptied from his 'battle' with the lockers; Johann's gaseous form reemerges from the lockers]
Krauss: [Cheerfully] There we are. Your temper – it makes you sloppy. Try to control it, Agent Hellboy, before it controls you. [Walks away, singing to himself in German]
Hellboy: Glasshole.
View Quote [Liz supports a badly-wounded Hellboy as they follow a goblin taking them to meet one of the only people who can save Hellboy; the Angel of Death ]
Goblin: Hello, old friend! I have brought you visitors. And I have a favor to ask you.
Angel of Death: [Speaks with a demonic rasp] I owe no favor to you, goblin. Leave!
Goblin: But I have done so much for you! I have brought you many souvenirs. And he has something shiny. Something mine.
Liz: Red? [Hellboy falls to the ground] Red!
Angel of Death: Ah– Anung un Rama–
Liz: You know that name?
Angel of Death: And yours– Elizabeth Sherman. [Laughs briefly; stands up and spreads wings] At last. I have been waiting for you both many a winter moon. I am his death, and I will meet him at each crossroads.
Goblin: Good, but– when can I have that which is mine?
Liz: Can you save him?
Angel of Death: It is for you to decide that. It's all the same to me. My heart is filled with dust and sand – but you should know it is his destiny... to bring about the destruction of the Earth. Not now– not tomorrow– but soon enough. Knowing that, you still want him to live? [Appears kneeling before Liz] So, child. Make the choice. The world– or him?
Liz: [Without hesitation] Him.
Angel of Death: The time will come and you, my dear, will suffer more than anyone.
Liz: I'll deal with it. Now save him.
Angel of Death: It– [Reveals, in its hand, the spear tip of Prince Nuada that was previously lodged in Hellboy's chest] –is done. [Laughs softly] I have done what I can. Now, give him a reason to live.
Goblin: Hey, friend! What about that which is mine? Don't forget about me! What about me? Friend? [The Angel of Death disappears into thin air and drops the spear tip on the floor; the goblin retrieves it and bites the tip] Ahh! Shiny!
View Quote [Nuada enters his father's audience chamber and kneels]
Prince Nuada: [In Gaelic] Father.
King Balor: [In Gaelic] Why? Why have you done this? Why?
Prince Nuada: To set us free. All of us, Father.
King Balor: [In Gaelic] You have broken an ancient truce between our people and mankind.
Prince Nuada: A truce based on shame! The humans have forgotten the gods, destroyed the Earth. And for what?! Parking lots, shopping malls! Greed has burned a hole in their hearts that will never be filled; they will NEVER have enough!
King Balor: [In Gaelic] What humans do is in their nature; to honour the truce is in ours.
Prince Nuada: Honour? Look at this place. Where is the honour in it? Father, you were once a proud warrior. When did you become their pet? [turns to the crowd] I have returned from exile to wage war and reclaim our land, our birthright. And for that, I will call upon the help of all of my people. And they will answer – the good, the bad– [holds up the crown piece] and the worst. [Balor is horrified, as his hand goes to the crown piece in his armor]
King Balor: [In Gaelic] The Golden Army! You cannot be that mad!
Prince Nuada: Perhaps I am. Perhaps they made me so.
Princess Nuala: [In Gaelic] Awaken the army– but our green fields cannot grow out of all that blood. Let the army sleep. If our days have ended, let us all fade.
Prince Nuada: We will not fade.
King Balor: [In Gaelic] For the last time, my son, I ask you: is this the path you wish to take?
Prince Nuada: It is. I'm sorry, Father.
King Balor: [In Gaelic] Then you leave me no choice. [Sighs, looks away] Death! [Balor's guards raise their weapons]
Prince Nuada: And you, sister, are you at peace with your king's verdict?
Princess Nuala: I am, my brother. I am.
Prince Nuada: Then very well. Death it is.
View Quote [Nuala looks into the fire. When she turns around, she finds Nuada standing behind her.]
Nuada: Very quick of you. The parchment, it was of no importance. [Picks the red-hot cylinder up] The cylinder– is very interesting.
[Nuada rolls the cylinder across the table, leaving an imprint.]
Nuada: We will find the Golden Army here. [Points on the location and turns to Nuala] As for the crown piece, I know it's here. [Caresses Nuala's hair] I can feel that much from you. Father always tried so hard to shield your heart from mine. But it's one of the books, and I will find it.
[Nuada goes over to a bookshelf and takes a blue book out.]
Nuada: Blue. [Looks through the blue book] You always look so beautiful in blue.
[Nuada closes the blue book and slams it on the table, causing Nuala to flinch. Nuada takes another blue book out.]
Nuada: Blue. Poetry.
[As Nuada reads the other blue book, Nuala looks to a third blue book that she hid the crest of the Golden Army crown inside. She turns back to Nuada.]
Nuada: Love found, and lost. [Closes the other blue book] Only words.
[Nuada slams the other book on the table.]
Nuada: I will find it.
[As Nuada continues searching, Nuala sees an emergency alarm button.]
View Quote [While putting his ear to the library door, Hellboy overhears a faint soft rock song playing on the other side; he enters and the song is different, now classical]
Abe: Oh, hello, Red. Well, you're up late.
Hellboy: What are you listening to?
Abe: Oh, uh, Vivaldi. Il cimento dell'armonia. I particularly like the last–
Hellboy: Hey, hey. What's that? [Referring to the item in Abe's hand]
Abe: Um, just a remote. [Hellboy gestures at the hand behind Abe's back] Oh, uh– [Reveals a CD] this? Yes, um–
Hellboy: –"Popular Love Songs." Wh–? [takes a moment to realize] Oh, Abe. You fell for the Princess?
Abe: [sighs] She's– she's like me. A creature from another world.
Hellboy: You need to get out more.
Abe: She's alone in the world. I wanna help her. I need to care for her.
Hellboy: You're in love. Have a beer.
Abe: Oh, my body's a temple.
Hellboy: Well, now it's an amusement park.
Abe: No, no, no. The glandular balance of–
Hellboy: Just shut up and drink it, would you? [Abe sighs and takes the beer] What track?
Abe: Eight.
Hellboy: "Can't– Smile– Without You."
Abe: I know.
Hellboy: Yep, I'm gonna need a beer, too.
Abe: Well, see, I love this song. And I can't smile– or cry. I think I have no tear ducts. [Presses a button on the remote and "Can't Smile Without You" begins to play on the stereo]
Hellboy: I wish Father were here. He'd know what to tell you– us.
Radio: You know I can't smile without you.
Abe: [Singing faintly] I can't smile without you. I can't laugh and I can't sing. I'm finding it hard to do anything.
Hellboy & Abe Sapien: You see, I feel sad when you're sad.
Hellboy: Woooo.
Hellboy & Abe Sapien: I feel glad when you're glad. If you only knew what I'm going through, I just can't smile without you. You came along, just like a song. And brightened my day. Who'd have believed that you were part of a dream?