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[Nuada enters his father's audience chamber and kneels]
Prince Nuada: [In Gaelic] Father.
King Balor: [In Gaelic] Why? Why have you done this? Why?
Prince Nuada: To set us free. All of us, Father.
King Balor: [In Gaelic] You have broken an ancient truce between our people and mankind.
Prince Nuada: A truce based on shame! The humans have forgotten the gods, destroyed the Earth. And for what?! Parking lots, shopping malls! Greed has burned a hole in their hearts that will never be filled; they will NEVER have enough!
King Balor: [In Gaelic] What humans do is in their nature; to honour the truce is in ours.
Prince Nuada: Honour? Look at this place. Where is the honour in it? Father, you were once a proud warrior. When did you become their pet? [turns to the crowd] I have returned from exile to wage war and reclaim our land, our birthright. And for that, I will call upon the help of all of my people. And they will answer – the good, the bad– [holds up the crown piece] and the worst. [Balor is horrified, as his hand goes to the crown piece in his armor]
King Balor: [In Gaelic] The Golden Army! You cannot be that mad!
Prince Nuada: Perhaps I am. Perhaps they made me so.
Princess Nuala: [In Gaelic] Awaken the army– but our green fields cannot grow out of all that blood. Let the army sleep. If our days have ended, let us all fade.
Prince Nuada: We will not fade.
King Balor: [In Gaelic] For the last time, my son, I ask you: is this the path you wish to take?
Prince Nuada: It is. I'm sorry, Father.
King Balor: [In Gaelic] Then you leave me no choice. [Sighs, looks away] Death! [Balor's guards raise their weapons]
Prince Nuada: And you, sister, are you at peace with your king's verdict?
Princess Nuala: I am, my brother. I am.
Prince Nuada: Then very well. Death it is.

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