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Prince Nuada quotes

View Quote [After killing an auctioneer] Be quiet. [retrieves the first piece of the Golden Army crown; everyone screams in the background] SIT– DOWN! Proud, empty, hollow things that you are. Let this remind you– why you once feared the dark. [Releases a swarm of flesh-eating faeries unto all the auctioneers]
View Quote Kill them.
View Quote [To Hellboy about the forest god] Demon! What are you waiting for? This is what you want, isn't it? Look at it. The last of its kind. Like you and I. If you destroy it, the world will never see its kind again– You have more in common with us than with them. You could be a king– If you cannot command, than you must obey.
View Quote I have returned from exile to wage war and reclaim our land, our birthright! And for that I will call upon the help of all my people and they will answer. The good, the bad– and the worst.
View Quote [To Hellboy] You may have mused in the past: "Am I mortal?" [Stabs him with a spear] You are now.
View Quote I am Prince Nuada Silverlance, leader of the Golden Army! Is there anyone here who would dispute my right?
View Quote [Defeated, to Hellboy] Kill me. You must. For I will not stop. I cannot. [Hellboy: Sorry, pal. I win. you live.]
View Quote [Last words] The humans, they will tire of you. They have already turned against you. Leave them. Is it them, or us? Which holocaust should be chosen? We die, and the world will be poorer for it. Nuala, my sister.
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