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[Liz supports a badly-wounded Hellboy as they follow a goblin taking them to meet one of the only people who can save Hellboy; the Angel of Death ]
Goblin: Hello, old friend! I have brought you visitors. And I have a favor to ask you.
Angel of Death: [Speaks with a demonic rasp] I owe no favor to you, goblin. Leave!
Goblin: But I have done so much for you! I have brought you many souvenirs. And he has something shiny. Something mine.
Liz: Red? [Hellboy falls to the ground] Red!
Angel of Death: Ah– Anung un Rama–
Liz: You know that name?
Angel of Death: And yours– Elizabeth Sherman. [Laughs briefly; stands up and spreads wings] At last. I have been waiting for you both many a winter moon. I am his death, and I will meet him at each crossroads.
Goblin: Good, but– when can I have that which is mine?
Liz: Can you save him?
Angel of Death: It is for you to decide that. It's all the same to me. My heart is filled with dust and sand – but you should know it is his destiny... to bring about the destruction of the Earth. Not now– not tomorrow– but soon enough. Knowing that, you still want him to live? [Appears kneeling before Liz] So, child. Make the choice. The world– or him?
Liz: [Without hesitation] Him.
Angel of Death: The time will come and you, my dear, will suffer more than anyone.
Liz: I'll deal with it. Now save him.
Angel of Death: It– [Reveals, in its hand, the spear tip of Prince Nuada that was previously lodged in Hellboy's chest] –is done. [Laughs softly] I have done what I can. Now, give him a reason to live.
Goblin: Hey, friend! What about that which is mine? Don't forget about me! What about me? Friend? [The Angel of Death disappears into thin air and drops the spear tip on the floor; the goblin retrieves it and bites the tip] Ahh! Shiny!

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