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Carter Slade/ Phantom Rider/ The Care Taker
Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider

View Quote Johhny Blaze: I'm gonna own this curse, and I'm gonna use it against you. Whenever innocent blood is spilled, it'll be my father's blood. And you'll find me there, a spirit of vengeance fighting fire with fire.
Mephisto: I will make you pay for this.
Johhny Blaze: You can't live in fear.
View Quote Johnny Blaze: You.
Mephisto: Hello, Johnny.
Johnny Blaze: Stay away from me.
Mephisto: A little late for that. Nice bike.
Johnny Blaze: Why are you here?
Mephisto: Oh, I've always been here Johnny. All along. Phoenix, Denver, Houston.
Johnny Blaze: It was you... keeping me alive.
Mephisto: No, no, Johnny - it's all you. You're the best. And I'm your greatest fan. The posters, the video games, the crowds screaming, chanting, "Johnny, Johnny, Johnny." It makes me so proud. It's like watching an investment that keeps growing and growing until the day you cash it in. That day is today, Johnny. Find the one known as Blackheart, and destroy him.
Johnny Blaze: Find him yourself. [Gets on bike]
Mephisto: It doesn't work like that. [Johnny finds that he's stuck to his bike] You're under contract, remember? If you succeed, I'll return your soul.
Johnny Blaze: I'm not doing it.
Mephisto: You don't have any choice.
[stamps cane, sending the bike (and Johnny) after Blackheart]
View Quote Prisoner: You look like that Johnny Blaze.
Johnny Blaze: Yeah, yeah, I hear that a lot.
Prisoner: Nah, that is you. That's him. I saw you jumping at the State Fair a few years ago. I paid ten bucks to watch you splatter - but you didn't.
Prisoner 2: Looks like somebody's tripping out. Might be a big shot out there, Blaze, but in here you're nothing but a monkey in a cage!
Johnny Blaze: I don't want any trouble.
Prisoner 2: It looks like trouble's found you.
[punches Johnny]
Prisoner: Nice jacket.
(They toss Johnny Blaze to the floor)
Young Prisoner: Come on, man, leave him alone.
Prisoner: Get lost! (slaps the Young Prisoner)
(The prisoners pummel Johnny Blaze until he transforms into the Ghost Rider)
Ghost Rider: Hell...
[Ghost Rider walks up to the prisoner who punched him, and lifts him by his collar]
Ghost Rider: Nice jacket...
[Shown zipping up his "new" jacket]
Ghost Rider: Very nice.
View Quote [Grabs helicopter with his chain]
Ghost Rider: You're pissing me off.
Helicopter Pilot: Okay, okay, sorry.
View Quote [Roxanne approaches Johnny/Ghost Rider, but he turns away]
Ghost Rider: Monster...
Roxanne Simpson: I'm not afraid.
View Quote (to the boy) You, innocent!
View Quote (to the mugger) You, guilty!
View Quote [To Roxanne, after stopping her on the freeway] I want to talk to you. I haven't seen you in 56,000 years.
View Quote All of your world, all of your souls will be mine now.
View Quote Back to Hell.
View Quote Carter Slade: Good morning, Bone-head...
View Quote Congratulations.The chances just went from none to slim.
View Quote Figured you'd be back, bone-head..
View Quote Forget about friends, family, love.
View Quote God knows I've made my share of mistakes and i've been trying to make them right ever since.