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Disturbia quotes

19 total quotes

Kale Brecht
Robert Turner

View Quote Ashley: What took you so long?
Kale: We were... We were upstairs playing.
Ronnie: Video games!
Kale: Yeah, video games... This is my friend, Ronnie. Ronald. Say hi, Ronald.
Ronnie: Hi, Ronald.
Kale: [Whispers] You are so stupid. [To Ashley] So, what brings you here? To my house?
Ashley: I got locked out.
Kale: Oh, that sucks.
Ronnie: It's a tragedy.
View Quote Greenwood Kids: What are you going to do? Kill us like you killed your teacher?
Kale: Not before I take this shit and my foot and shove it back up your asses!!

View Quote Ronnie: [Feminine voice] Aloha, señor Kale.
Kale: [Takes the cup off his nose and sets down his aluminum bat]] Ronald! What's going on, bro?
Ronnie: Nothing.
Kale: How're you doing?
Ronnie: Oh, great. Have you been showering?
Kale: Of course. Come on. What is that?
Ronnie: Macadamia nuts.
Kale: That's all you got me? Some stupid nuts?
View Quote Ronnie: Hey, I got something to show you that is most definitely...
Kale: No, I got something to show you! This is the reality without the TV. There's a world right outside my window. Look, look, look, look, look.
Ronnie: Take a look at these Maui chicks, man.
Kale: There it is. Mrs. Pilch. And the Pilch dog.
Ronnie: [Sarcastically] Exciting.
Kale: No, no, no, wait! It's not done. Look--and look-- look what she does.
View Quote [Beginning of film]
Kale: Think he sees us?
Daniel Brecht: No, he can't see us. Trust me, you can feel him when he's watching.
View Quote [Ashley has his iPod] Okay, just relax, okay? That's 60 gigs of my life.
View Quote [Kale is watching him mow his lawn through a fence] Hey. What are you doing? What are doing? Looking at my garden? Is that it? You looking at my beautiful garden? Well, I caught you now. I got you. [Picks up a rabbit] Yeah, you're not gonna dig in my garden anymore.
View Quote [Last words] You made me do this.
View Quote Hi, Ronald.
View Quote I got you now, Greenwood! You better not be listed!
View Quote I popped my Spanish teacher.
View Quote It's okay! I'm green!
View Quote Listen, I get. I went to school. There were plenty of teachers I wanted to just... kill.
View Quote Okay, there's the Mustang, then there's the longhorn skull in his garage. And then there was the club girl, who looked freaked out, okay? She looked freaked out. She was running around half-naked in his living room. Then he challenges me. He stares at me. He shows up in my kitchen, hits on my mother.
View Quote Only in disturbia.