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Ronnie quotes

View Quote Hi, Ronald.
View Quote Operation Stupid is officially over!
View Quote You made the Tower of Twinkie.
View Quote [Beginning of film]
Kale: Think he sees us?
Daniel Brecht: No, he can't see us. Trust me, you can feel him when he's watching.
View Quote Greenwood Kids: What are you going to do? Kill us like you killed your teacher?
Kale: Not before I take this shit and my foot and shove it back up your asses!!

View Quote Ronnie: [Feminine voice] Aloha, señor Kale.
Kale: [Takes the cup off his nose and sets down his aluminum bat]] Ronald! What's going on, bro?
Ronnie: Nothing.
Kale: How're you doing?
Ronnie: Oh, great. Have you been showering?
Kale: Of course. Come on. What is that?
Ronnie: Macadamia nuts.
Kale: That's all you got me? Some stupid nuts?
View Quote Ronnie: Hey, I got something to show you that is most definitely...
Kale: No, I got something to show you! This is the reality without the TV. There's a world right outside my window. Look, look, look, look, look.
Ronnie: Take a look at these Maui chicks, man.
Kale: There it is. Mrs. Pilch. And the Pilch dog.
Ronnie: [Sarcastically] Exciting.
Kale: No, no, no, wait! It's not done. Look--and look-- look what she does.
View Quote Ashley: What took you so long?
Kale: We were... We were upstairs playing.
Ronnie: Video games!
Kale: Yeah, video games... This is my friend, Ronnie. Ronald. Say hi, Ronald.
Ronnie: Hi, Ronald.
Kale: [Whispers] You are so stupid. [To Ashley] So, what brings you here? To my house?
Ashley: I got locked out.
Kale: Oh, that sucks.
Ronnie: It's a tragedy.
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