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Die Hard With a Vengeance

Die Hard With a Vengeance quotes

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John McClane
Zeus Carver

View Quote Cobb: John, have you been drinking?
McClane: No, not since this morning.
View Quote Gang member: [pops up] Nicht schie├čen!
John McClane: [shoots him twice] ...what was that?
Mathias Targo: [kicks McClane out from behind] He said "don't shoot".
View Quote John McClane: Hey, can you pick locks?
Zeus: Is this one of those black things again?
View Quote Mathias Targo: I see you all day, little man. Policeman? [kicks McClane] And you don't go away!
John McClane: Yeah, I'm the ****in' energizer bunny. [stabs him in the leg]
View Quote McClane: [on the guard's phone] Attention! Attention! Nils is dead! I repeat, Nils is dead, ****-head. So's his pal, and those four guys from the East German All-Stars, your boys at the bank? They're gonna be a little late.
Simon Gruber: [on the phone] John... in the back of the truck you're driving, there's 13 billon dollars worth in gold bullion. I wonder would a deal be out of the question?
McClane: [on the phone] Yeah, I got a deal for you. Come out from that rock you're hiding under, and I'll drive this truck up your ass.
Simon Gruber: [on the phone] How colorful.
View Quote McClane: There's gold in the Federal Reserve, and they took a shitload of it! They're heading north in dump trucks!
Cobb: Have you been drinking, McClane?
McClane: No, not since this morning.
View Quote Simon Gruber: [into radio] Bridgeport coast guard, come in, please. [to McClane] They put you on hold?
John McClane: She told me to stay on the line.
Simon Gruber: [laughing] Oh, God, I love this country.
John McClane: You know, your brother was an asshole.
Simon Gruber: [looks up sharply, then laughs] He was an asshole! You-you got his number?
View Quote [after McClane and Zeus 'requisition' a man's car]:
Zeus: Hey, who was the twenty-first President?
Man: Go **** yourself!
View Quote [McClane and Zeus are speeding through Central Park in a taxicab.]
Zeus: Are you aiming for these people?
John McClane: No! [pause] Maybe that mime.
View Quote [McClane opens jeep door & a dead body falls out]
Zeus: What are you doin'?
McClane: Interagatin' him.
Zeus: ...n' whats he gonna tell you, "I'm dead"?
McClane: Well I a'int gonna know 'til I ask him now, am I?
View Quote [the bomb starts beeping]
Zeus: What the **** is that?
John McClane: I think I made it mad.
View Quote [while tied to a large bomb]
John McClane: Hey ****head. Yeah you; ****head. There's just one thing I gotta know. You got any aspirins? 'Cause I've had a bad ****in' headache all day long.
Simon Gruber: [laughs and throws him a bottle of aspirin] Must be your lucky day. Keep the bottle!
View Quote [to McClane] You having a nice day, sir? You feeling all right? Not to get too personal, but a white man standing in the middle of Harlem wearing a sign that says "I hate ****s" has either got some serious personal issues, or not all his dogs are barking.
View Quote [walking up to two bad guys in a truck] Hey fellas! Mickey O'Brien, aquaduct security. Hey listen, we got a report of a guy coming through with err... eight reindeer. [empties his pistol on them] Yeah, they said he was a jolly old fat guy with a snowy white beard, cute little red n' white suit! I'm surprised you didn't see him.
View Quote I never knew Canada could be this much fun.