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African-American Man
Asian Kid
Bearded Man
Rich Man

View Quote College Guy: I'm just trying to help!
Old Woman: **** you.
[The College Guy is killed.]
View Quote Cop: Hey! Hey!
Tattooed Man: Who, me?
Cop: Yeah, don't I know you?
Lawyer: [stares at tattooed man; grins] Huh. I wonder why?
Cop: No, seriously. He asked if we knew anyone in here. [points to tattooed man] I know him.
Tattooed Man: I don't know you, man.
Cop: You're a mechanic in North Hollywood. Raul. Raul Jimenez. I remember you.
Cancer Survivor: What did he do?
Tattooed Man: I didn't do shit. He's lying, man.
Cop: He beat the shit out of his girlfriend. Really bad. At least I think it was his girlfriend. Hopefully, not anymore.
Tattooed Man: Come on, man. You serious?
Cancer Survivor: [to cop] Are you sure it was him?
Cop: Yeah. I remember him 'cause of that tattoo under his right eye. That teardrop. See it?
Tattooed Man: **** you, man.
Cancer Survivor: [to tattooed man] What's it for?
Tattooed Man: It's for my cousin. He got shot. [looks at cop] By a pig like you.
Cop: Yeah, and it's my fault you guys are criminals.
Tattooed Man: He was sixteen.
Cop: One less criminal on the street.
Tattooed Man: **** you, man.
View Quote Eric: It's a game. It's a process of elimination. The last man standing gets to walk out of here alive.
Lesbian: Or woman.
View Quote [The group attempt to eliminate the Little Girl, but she ends up being spared.]
Translator: What is wrong with you people?
Cancer Survivor: She's just a kid! Why would you go after her?
Asian Kid: Well, one of them has to die. We need to decide.
Translator: No, we don't.
Solider: Listen, we should just leave them out of this for as long as possible. Let's just forget about it.
Eric: No, we can't do that! Not anymore.
Solider: Why not?
Eric: It's too dangerous for them! They've been exposed.
Cancer Survivor: Oh, come on! Nobody is going to vote for them again, right?
Lesbian: She's never heard of birth control, so she gets to live?
View Quote [The Pilot has just volunteered to die.]
Rich Man: Well, this is gonna be a whole lot easier if we can get a few volunteers.
One-Armed Man: Easier for who? You?
Rich Man: Look, we gotta take control of this situation and this is the best way.
Lawyer: I mean, hey, if we're all gonna die, it might as well be on our own terms.
One-Armed Man: Yeah, yeah, that'll teach those ****in' aliens.
Husband: Hey, we're doing what we can, man.
Lawyer: Yeah, it's the best idea we got.
One-Armed Man: Then you volunteer.
Lawyer: I don't see you stepping forward.
One-Armed Man: We should all step forward. [points to the Pregnant Lady] I mean, everybody but her.
Atheist: [sarcastically] So mass suicide, then? That's great. Let's do that.
View Quote [to everybody, before dying] **** Y'ALL, MAN!!
View Quote [to lawyer; after he makes disregarding comments about the lesbian] It's not ****in' 1950, dude.
View Quote [to the husband; about his wife] DO YOU WANNA SAVE HER OR NOT?!!!
View Quote One of us gets to live.
View Quote We all know that we can’t vote for ourselves. Well...what do you think happens when we get down to the last person left?
View Quote We're choosing who dies.
View Quote You don't have much time.