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Bedazzled (2000)

Bedazzled (2000) quotes

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The Devil

View Quote I am the Devil! Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, the Prince of Darkness! Well, the Princess of darkness, anyway...
View Quote I really don't want another wish.
View Quote I'm gay. Well, thanks for dropping by.
View Quote I'm telling you, the Devil gypped me for a hamburger!
View Quote I've been starting to think that it really isn't important how far we go in life anyway. It's how we get there that really matters.
View Quote It's not easy being the Barbra Streisand of Evil you know.
View Quote Look Elliot, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. The whole good and evil thing, you know, Him and me, it really comes down to you. You don't have to look very hard for Heaven and Hell. They're right here on Earth. You make the choice. And I guess you just made yours.
View Quote Mayo-nayo-naise. Swimming by the sandy shore, dancing up among the waves, dolphin, dolphin I adore everything you are. You're so much more than a fish to me, my playful friend beneath the sea.
View Quote No gracias, Soy alérgico a los crustáceos.
View Quote Nobody gets it totally right, right away. That's why you get seven wishes!
View Quote Oh I think you'll change your mind. I'm just going to slip into something a little more terrifying. See you in Hell!
View Quote Qué me decís?....Me hiciste venir hasta aquí para decirme que esteee... cómo se llama? se robó una libra de azúcar, harina o cosas juntas...? Qué es eso...? [spits] Ay! ES COCAÍNA!, COCAÍNA! ...OH, Mierda! Soy un Narcotraficante Colombiano.
View Quote See you in HELL!
View Quote Seven utterly fabulous wishes for one piddling little soul?
View Quote There's no point fighting about this. You have to learn to accept the inevitable. We are all doomed anyway.