National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation quotes

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Clark Griswold
Cousin Eddie
Cousin Vicki
Ellen Griswold
Rusty Griswold

I'll never fly again.

I've got news for you Clark. I haven't said yes, yet.

It's expensive having an entourage.

It's my long-life food varnish. The FDA finally approved it!

Jilly - That's it, kid. Now all we have to do is teach you how to dress.

Lord, I hate this heat. It's not bad enough it makes your butt stick to the seat. And I want somethin' better...hey, everybody.

My garden's spittin' out 50-lb tomatoes.

No corrective lenses tonight Mr Papagiorgio?

No sir, I do not require them.

Oh, Keno! This is easy.

Oh, yeah. That's from when I sold my kidney. I figured with all the advancements in modern science, I'd better sell it while someone still wanted to buy it. Smartest thing I ever did, Clark.

Rus, don't think unnatural thoughts about your cousin.

So I says to him, I said, "Get your own monkey!"

That's nothing, it's a...birthmark.

This is great! They don't have any of these games at the regular casino.