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What will you do, Arthur, when you return to your beloved Rome?

Knights. The gift of freedom is yours by right. But the home we seek resides not in some distant land. It's in us! And in our actions on this day! If this be our destiny, then so be it. But let history remember that as free men, we chose to make it so.

You think very hard upon our vow, Bishop, for I will hold you to it. Break it, and no Roman legion, papal army, nor God Himself will protect you. That is my word.

Animals live. It's the natural state of any man to want to live free, in their own country. I belong to this land. Where do you belong, Arthur?

Tell me. Do you believe in this mission?

Fairy tales. The kind you hear of people so brave, so selfless that they can't be real. Arthur and his knights. A leader both Britain and Roman. And yet you chose your allegiance to Rome. To those that take what does not belong to them. That same Rome that took your men from their homeland.

Save your prayers, boy. Your God doesn’t live here

Why do you always talk to God and not to me? Pray. (gestures for ARTHUR to continue) To whomever you pray that we don't cross the Saxons.

That sword you carry is made of iron from this earth, forged in the fires of Britain. It was love of your mother that freed the sword, not hatred of me. Love, Arthur.

Well I’m tired of running. And these Saxons are so close behind, my arse is hurting

Finally, a man worth killing

(Young Arthur) I am to be their commander?

How many times in battle have we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat? Outnumbered, outflanked, but still we triumph? With you at my side, we can do so again. Lancelot, we are knights. What other purpose do we serve if not for such a cause?

No, I choose life! And freedom! (slams hand down on the stables) for myself and the men! (angry sigh)

I don't believe in heaven. I've been living in this hell. (cheeky grin and shifty eyebrows) But if you represent what heaven is, then take me there.