Merlin quotes

(In native Tongue')There might be a purpose for Artorius and his knights

Peace between us this night, Arthur Castus. So Rome is leaving. The Saxon have come. The world we have known and fought for is ended. Now, we must make a new world.

Rome was my enemy. Not Arthur. We have no fight between us.

We have all lost brothers.

I did not wish her dead. She was of our blood. As are you.

My men are strong but have need of a true leader. They believe you can do anything. To defeat the Saxons, we need a master of war. Why do you think I spared you in the forest?

That sword you carry is made of iron from this earth, forged in the fires of Britain. It was love of your mother that freed the sword, not hatred of me. Love, Arthur.

And what of the free will of your knights?Did they die in vain?

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