Tristan quotes

(alert) Woads!

Well, you should try it someday; you might get a taste for it.

(To his hawk)Where you been now? Where you been?

I aim for the middle.

Yeah yeah, we’re all going to die someday. If it’s death by a Saxon hand that frightens you - stay home.

Woads. They’re tracking us.


An entire army.

East. There is a trail, heading east. Across the mountains. It means we'll have to cross behind the Saxon lines, if that's the road we shall take. (looks at all the packing serfs) Arthur, who are these people?

Then we'll never make it.

She’s a Woad.

(To hawk)You want to go out again? Yeah...

(Answering question) Four

Armor piercing. They’re close; we have no time.

No. We have to cross the ice.

Never liked looking over my shoulder anyway.

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