Gawain quotes

As promised - the Bishop’s carriage.

Your passage to Rome, Arthur.

Save your prayers, boy. Your God doesn’t live here

Is this your happy face?

Galahad, do you still not know the Romans? They don't scratch their asses without holding a ceremony.

I’ve often thought what going home would mean after all this. What will I do? It's different for Galahad. I have been in this life longer than the other. So much for home - it’s not so clear in my memory.

First thing I will do when I get home is to find myself a beautiful Sarmatian woman to wed.

(asking Lancelot)I see. Then what will I be doing?

Is that before or after I hit you with my axe?

And only kill everything.

How do you do that?

Above the wall is Woad territory.

I’m with you.Galahad as well.

What are you waiting for?!

Here you.Go. Move

By the smell, they are all dead. And you. You even move, you join him.

It’ll be a pleasure to put an end to this racket

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