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(Answering question) Four

Woad Warrior (In native language) Spill my blood with Excalibur and... (lifting neck) make this ground holy.

Are you challenging me? If you want to challenge me, you have to have a sword in your hand. As long as my heart beats, I rule and you hold your tongue. Or I’ll cut it out.

Inish!Devil ghosts!

He tortured me. With machines. He made me tell him things I didn’t know to begin with. And then, I heard your voice in the dark. I’m Guinevere. You’re Arthur, of the knights from the great Wall.

Attack from the north with the main army. You take your men down here; cut off their retreat to the south. Burn every village, kill everybody. Never leave behind you a man, woman, or child who can ever carry a sword.

I tell you now. Marius is not of God. And you - all of you - were free from your first breath.

(asking Lancelot)I see. Then what will I be doing?

What I do remember.... Home...oceans of grass from horizon to horizon, further than you can ride. The sky,bigger than you can imagine. No boundaries.

Some people would call that freedom. That's what we fight for - our land, our people. The right to choose our own destiny.So you see Lancelot, we are much alike, you and I.. And when you return home, will you take a wife, have sons?

Arthur, you fight for a world that will never exist. Never. There will always be a battlefield.

No family. No Religion. Do you believe in anything at all?

(talking about Bors' child number three) That’s because he’s mine.

Vanora (singing)Land of bear and land of eagle
Land that gave us birth and blessing
Land that called us ever homewards
We will go home across the mountains
We will go home
We will go home
We will go home across the mountains
We will go home, singing our song
We will go home...
Hear our singing
Hear our longing
We will go home across the mountain
We will go home
We will go home...

Saxon Soldier He says they walled him up in a building and took the family. Someone who goes by the name of Artorius.