Marius quotes

It is a wonder you have come! Good Jesus, Arthur and his knights.

You have fought the Woads. Vile creatures

Alecto is my son. And everything we have is here in the land given to us by the Pope of Rome.

Then Rome will send an army.

I refuse to leave.

What are you doing! Stop this!

Stop what you are doing!

They are all Pagans here!

They refuse to do the task God has set for them! They must die as an example!

You are a Roman. You understand. And you are a Christian! You! You kept them alive

No, no! Stop! When we get to the Wall, you will be punished for this heresy.

It is here, given to us by the Pope. These people, they send an army for us.

(holding knife to LUCAN’s neck) I have the boy!

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