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Willow quotes

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High Aldwin

View Quote Burgelcutt:: [Vohnkar has volunteered to accompany Willow on his quest] No - not Vohnkar! He's the best warrior in the village, we need him here. Vohnkar - step back!
High Aldwin:: All this expedition needs is a leader. And according to the bones, that leader is... you, Burgelkutt.
Burgelcutt:: VOHNKAR!
View Quote High Aldwin:: [throws an apple into the air which turns into a bird] Go in the direction the bird is flying!
Burgelcutt:: He's going back to village!
High Aldwin:: Ignore the bird. Follow the river.
View Quote Llug:: Wanna breed?
Madmartigan:: [disguised as a woman] Tempting... but no.
View Quote Madmartigan:: [about Elora] She is kinda cute... When she's quiet.
Willow:: She's really a princess.
Madmartigan:: Really? And you're a great sorcerer... And I'm the king of Cashmir. Go to sleep, Willow.
View Quote Madmartigan:: Did I really... Did I really say those things, last night, in your tent?
Sorsha:: You said you loved me.
Madmartigan:: I don't remember that.
Sorsha:: You lied to me.
Madmartigan:: No, I... I just wasn't myself last night.
Sorsha:: I suppose my power enchanted you and you were helpless against it.
Madmartigan:: Sort of.
Sorsha:: Then what?
Madmartigan:: It... went away.
Sorsha:: Went away? 'I dwell in darkness without you' and it went away?
View Quote Madmartigan:: What are you going to look like if this works?
Fin Raziel:: Don't interrupt.
Madmartigan:: Sorry.
Fin Raziel:: I'm a young beautiful woman.
Madmartigan:: Concentrate, Willow!
View Quote Madmartigan:: What the hell happened up there?
Willow:: You started spouting poetry. 'I love you Sorsha! I worship you Sorsha!' You almost got us killed!
Madmartigan:: 'I love you Sorsha?' I don't love her, she kicked me in the face! I hate her... Don't I?
View Quote Rool:: We'll never catch up with those horses!
Franjean:: Then we will have to track them.
Rool:: That would take forever. Besides, even if we find them, they'd only capture us, stick us in cages, torture us and finally devour us!
Franjean:: Are you suggesting we go home?
Rool:: Nah, this is more fun.
Franjean:: All right, fine then. Come on!
View Quote Sorsha:: What are you looking at?
Madmartigan:: Your leg. I'd like to break it.
View Quote Willow:: Don't call me a peck!
Madmartigan:: Oh, I'm sorry! Peck! Peck! Peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck!
View Quote Willow:: Madmartigan, you never, ever drive that fast with an infant!
Madmartigan:: I just saved that infant's life!
View Quote Willow:: Ouch! What'd you bite me for?
Fin Raziel:: Three drops of your blood must be put in the potion.
Willow:: Well, you could've warned me!
View Quote Willow:: We need your help!
Madmartigan:: [sarcastically] My help? Why would you need my help? You're a sorcerer.
Willow:: You're a great warrior! And a swordsman!... And you're ten times bigger than I am, stupid!
View Quote Willow:: What's that?
Madmartigan:: Smells like a battle.
Willow:: I suppose you're a warrior.
Madmartigan:: I am the greatest swordsman that ever lived. Say, um, can I have some of that water?
View Quote Willow:: You stupid hag! With my magic, I'll send her into the... into a...
Bavmorda:: [Bavmorda laughs] You're no sorcerer!
Willow:: Into a realm where evil cannot touch her!
Bavmorda:: Impossible! There's no such place!